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These are the results of the 2020 IFBB British Grand Prix:

Men’s Open Bodybuilding:

As usual open bodybuilding gets the most attention specially in the pro shows , and we all had a prediction for Regan Grimes to win the show however James Hollingshead had won the division with an outstanding condition and that is the second show that he win on a row and now he is officially qualified for the Olympia 2020 and also Olympia 2021:

Top five for the Men’s Open:

1. James Hollingshead
2. Regan Grimes
3. Marc Hector
4. Jamie Christian-Johal
5. Theo Leguerrier

James Hollingshead wins the 2020 British Grand Prix

212 Bodybuilding:

In that division also it was packed with great physiques and new blood and in that division Angel Calderon had it all, size, symmetry , condition you name it although it was tough show

Top five for the 212 Division:

1. Angel Calderon
2. Radoslav Angelov
3. Steve Benten
4. James Llewellin
5. Paul Latham

Angel Calderon Frias | Bodybuilders men, Bodybuilding, Bodybuilders

Classic Physique:

It was packed with European bodybuilders and it was very hard as all were looking stunning however Kiraly Laszlo was able to secure a seat in the Olympia 2020

top five for Classic Physique:

1. Kiraly Laszlo
2. Mike Sommerfield
3. Michael Daboul
4. Steve Cullen
5. Jonathan Lofthouse

Graham Smith on Twitter: "Hungarian LASZLO KIRALY Winner of British Grand  Prix UK 2020 In His Professional Debut In Classic Physique Classic And  Directly Qualified To Olympia 2021! 2 - MIKE SOMMERFELD

Bikini Division:

In that division it had the most amount of athletes which made the competition more difficult but the winner was Stine Hansen was crowned the winner putting her in the qualification list of Olympia 2021

top five for the Bikini Division:

1. Stine Hansen
2. Phoebe Hagan
3. Alessia Facchin
4. Jade Kelsie Wolfenden
5. Ester Oczella

Women’s Physique:

That division was the opposite of the Bikini the competition was only three ladies so all three got the medals and the winner was Lenka Ferencukova

top Three for the Women’s Physique:

1. Lenka Ferencukova
2. Corrine Ingman
3. Priscila Reyes


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Mohammed Riad
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