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Hassan moustafa whom being called the paul demayao of the middle east well known of his massive quads, may be he exceeded big ramy.

He got one of the legs that is popping from every side and he also developed his upper physique and these latest shots showing incredible size and condition, we will see him soon in NY Pro 2021

Mohammed Riad
Mohammed Riad
Mohammed Riad is not just any pro bodybuilder; he's a testament to discipline, dedication, and drive. His chiseled physique speaks volumes of his commitment to the sport, but there's more to Mohammed than meets the eye. Beyond the weights and the stage, he's an avid writer, seamlessly weaving his extensive knowledge of bodybuilding into compelling narratives. Mohammed's articles at The Body Builder, formerly know as Body Guider, bridge the gap between hardcore training techniques and the philosophy of bodybuilding, making them invaluable resources for both seasoned athletes and newcomers to the sport. His unique blend of physical prowess and intellectual depth has earned him respect both inside and outside the gym. Through his words and his physique, Mohammed Riad continues to inspire and enlighten the fitness community, proving that muscles and mind can, indeed, coexist powerfully.


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