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Dexter Jackson spills the beans on his secret to prime performance: Stem cell therapy, TRT cycles, and protein demands!

Renowned bodybuilder Dexter Jackson has recently undergone stem cell therapy to improve his neck mobility. In a YouTube video, he detailed his experience with the treatment, his current nutritional plan, and his use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to maintain his health. Jackson, who had a successful career spanning over two decades, had won the Arnold Classic five times and defeated four-time winner Jay Cutler at Mr. Olympia in 2008. He retired from the sport after finishing ninth at the 2020 Mr. Olympia.

During his career, Jackson faced off against some of the biggest names in the industry, including seven-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath and Kai Greene. He was known for his conditioning, symmetry, and consistency, which helped him achieve numerous accolades. Despite his retirement, Jackson remains committed to his fitness and nutrition. He revealed that he had four discs in his neck that displayed considerable arthritis, but he had positive findings after receiving stem cell treatment.

Jackson reported that it could take anywhere from six weeks to three months before he would start to benefit from the stem cell therapy. He had an MRI scan that revealed four discs in his neck that had arthritis. He had been experiencing neck pain for two months, which limited his neck mobility. After receiving the stem cell treatment, he noticed a significant improvement in his neck mobility. Although he couldn’t say for sure if the stem cell treatment was the reason for the improvement, he was hopeful that it would prevent him from experiencing the same issue again.

In addition to his stem cell treatment, Jackson also discussed his current nutritional plan. He now consumes four to five ounces of protein daily, compared to six-to-eight ounces during his peak. He has also reduced his meals from seven to three per day since retiring from the sport. During his career, he would typically consume around 50 grams of protein per meal, with six or seven meals per day. He would manipulate his carbohydrate intake depending on whether he was in the off-season or preparing for a contest.

Jackson also shared that he used to eat grits every morning while competing, but he switched to baked potatoes towards the end of his career to avoid midsection bloat. He started using TRT two years ago and took an on/off approach. He preferred to use TRT for 12 weeks and then take a 12-week break. Although he used to come off TRT altogether, he no longer does so.

Jackson is not the only high-profile bodybuilder open about his TRT regimen. Jay Cutler, another bodybuilding legend, also revealed that he uses TRT to transform his physique as part of a fit-for-50 challenge. He plans to avoid more powerful compounds like steroids and human growth hormone.

In conclusion, Dexter Jackson remains committed to his fitness and nutrition even after retiring from bodybuilding. He has undergone stem cell therapy to improve his neck mobility and has adjusted his nutritional plan to suit his current needs. He also uses TRT to maintain his health and well-being.

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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