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Get Ready to Sweat: CrossFit Semifinals 2023 Test Announcements Revealed!

The road to the 2023 CrossFit Games is heating up, with the Semifinals set to take place from May 18th. The competition will be divided into seven events over three weeks, with both Teams and Individuals competing simultaneously. The Semifinals are the final hurdle for athletes hoping to compete for the prestigious CrossFit title. With the times and locations already announced, the only unknown factor was the tests for the competition. However, CrossFit has now revealed the six tests for the Teams division, which will be used in all seven competitions.

The Teams division was not present in the 2023 CrossFit Open, as athletes were required to compete in the Individual division first. However, it did make an appearance in the 2023 CrossFit Quarterfinals when the Teams were formed. Based on the results of the quarterfinals, the best teams from each region were placed in their regional Semifinals. The Semifinals will consist of 200 Teams, which will be distributed across seven competitions. Each competition will vary in the number of Teams participating, as well as CrossFit Games qualifying spots.

The six tests for the Teams division have been revealed. Test One consists of four rounds for time, with one member at each station, of an Echo bike, 800-meter run, bear-hug sandbag hold, 150 double-unders, and 10 worm clean & jerks. Athletes must change stations every round. Women will use a 150-pound sandbag, while men will use a 200-pound sandbag. The time cap is 28 minutes.

Test Two involves M/F pairs completing as many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes of three synchro muscle-ups, five synchro thrusters, and adding two muscle-ups and five thrusters after both pairs complete the round. Women will use 65-pound thrusters, while men will use 95-pound thrusters.

Test Three is a relay consisting of F/M/F/M completing a 400-meter sprint, 10 dumbbell bench presses, 15 unbroken single-leg squats (leg one), 15 unbroken single-leg squats (leg two), and three handstand pirouettes. Women will use 60-pound dumbbells, while men will use 90-pound dumbbells. The time cap is 16 minutes.

Test Four involves M/F pairs completing five rounds for time of rowing, alternating dumbbell snatches, and box jumps. When both pairs have completed a round, they switch positions for the following round. Pair one will row three times and ski two times, while pair two will ski three times and row two times. The time cap is 15 minutes.

Test Five is a one-minute max-rep clean for women using 195 pounds and men using 275 pounds. There will be two minutes of rest before repeating the one-minute max-rep clean with women using 215 pounds and men using 235 pounds. After another two minutes of rest, athletes will complete the final one-minute max-rep clean with women using 235 pounds and men using 315 pounds.

Test Six is for time and consists of 15 worm burpees, 15 worm squats, women completing one seated legless rope climb (each), men completing 10 strict chest-to-wall handstand push-ups (each), switching, 15 worm burpees, 15 worm squats, women completing two legless rope climbs (each), men completing 15 strict handstand push-ups (each), switching, 15 worm burpees, 15 worm squats, women completing three rope climbs (each), and men completing 20 handstand push-ups (each). The time cap is 16 minutes.

The schedule for the 2023 CrossFit Semifinals has also been announced, with the North America East Semifinal taking place from May 18-21, the Africa Semifinal from May 19-21, the North America West Semifinal and Oceania Semifinal from May 25-28, the South America Semifinal from May 26-28, the Europe Semifinal from June 1-4, and the Asia Semifinal from June 1-4.

The 2023 CrossFit Open and Quarterfinals have already shown that this year’s field of teams is extremely competitive. With only 40 teams making it through to the final stage of the competition, the 2023 CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, everything is at stake. The Games will take place on August 1-6, and the world will be watching to see who comes out on top.

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