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Jay Cutler’s Epic Quad-Stomp-Inspired Leg Workout Unveiled – Aiming for 6-8% Body Fat by 2023!

Jay Cutler, the renowned bodybuilding icon, is on a mission to transform his physique before he turns 50. In a recent YouTube video, Cutler shared details of his intense 10-exercise leg day training session and compared his current body fat ratio to when he was the reigning Mr. Olympia. Cutler is a titan of the bodybuilding industry, having competed against greats when mass monsters ruled the IFBB Pro League Men’s Open division. He pushed mainstays such as Dennis Wolf, Johnnie Jackson, and Branch Warren and succeeded in winning the sport’s most prestigious title on four occasions at Mr. Olympia (2006-2007, 2009-2010).

Cutler’s first major win came in 2006, when he dethroned eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, serving up one of the biggest upsets the sport had seen. To defeat ‘The King,’ Cutler adopted many of his adversary’s training practices to cultivate an undeniable physique. Perhaps Cutler’s most powerful attribute was his lower body, which he used to set himself apart from his peers. His stage presence and dominance shined bright in 2009 when he cemented his name in bodybuilding history with an iconic quad stomp pose en route to becoming the first man to regain a Mr. Olympia title that was lost.

In 2009, Cutler’s quadriceps became the talk of the town as they became his secret weapon to reclaim his physique’s glory. With his arch-nemesis, Jackson, beside him, who had taken the title away from him the previous year, Cutler had a point to prove. Cutler’s quad stomp is now part of bodybuilding history!

Even though Cutler stepped away from the sport in 2013, his passion for working out remained steady. Late last year, he revealed that he was transforming his body to fulfill a personal goal, which he’s titled the ‘Fit-for-50’ challenge. Targeting his best physique in over 10 years, Cutler shared his latest leg day workout for fans to try out.

Cutler specified that he carried only 3% body fat during his time as a Mr. Olympia champion. However, for his current look, he feels sticking with a 6-8% range would be best. In addition, he intends to maintain a weight of 235 pounds. Cutler has been open and honest about his physique goals and recently took part in a CutlerTV interview, where he laid out the high-protein diet he’s employed to fuel his fitness demands. He also mentioned that he won’t be appearing on a contest stage anytime soon but is excited to showcase his latest transformation.

The world is eagerly anticipating seeing Jay Cutler’s latest transformation, and surely more physique updates will follow when he makes a special appearance in Romania for the 2023 Masters Olympia contest in August. In the meantime, fans can check out the full video of Cutler’s brutal leg day training session on the JayCutlerTV YouTube channel.

Cutler’s ‘Fit-for-50’ challenge is a personal one, and he is undertaking it without any contracts or significant prize pots. He aims to put a leisurely effort into the challenge, without going full tilt or taking heavy drug cycles or crazy low-carb days. Cutler wants to showcase his lifestyle transformation and maintain his weight of 235 pounds. He plans to turn it up in the last six weeks and see how far he can push himself.

Cutler’s physique transformation journey is a testament to his dedication and passion for bodybuilding. With his iconic quad stomp and impressive physique, Cutler has cemented his name in bodybuilding history and continues to inspire fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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