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Natha De Asha Aims to Crush Competitors at 2023 Olympia and Take on Samson Dauda: ‘I’m Packing More Punch Than Ever!’

UK-based bodybuilder Nathan De Asha has revealed his plans for the 2023 season in an interview with Muscular Development. De Asha discussed his training, injuries, diet, and his game plan for qualifying for this year’s Mr. Olympia. He also talked about his rivalry with Samson Dauda, whom he defeated in the 2021 Europa Pro Championships and Arnold Classic UK.

De Asha aims to win several pro shows in Europe to prevent other contenders from qualifying for the Olympia stage. He plans to compete in Spain, Italy, and France and hopes to take away the spots of new contenders who believe the old guard is gone. Despite being away from competition for only one year, De Asha is convinced that fans and competitors have forgotten the physique he’s capable of crafting. He added that he’s happier and the heaviest he’s ever been in the 2023 off-season.

De Asha addressed his training intensity, injuries, and diet. He revealed that his training intensity will ramp up at the end of May, and he’s been careful during training sessions to avoid additional injuries. He also plans to start taking his diet more seriously in July. De Asha prefers the powerful compound trenbolone because it makes him feel stronger year-round.

With a constantly changing Men’s Open division, Nathan De Asha would certainly be a wildcard should he qualify for the 2023 Mr. Olympia. Given his history with Samson Dauda, fans would love nothing more than to see the two battle it out once again.

Despite his recent hiatus, Nathan De Asha is a proven force as a Men’s Open competitor courtesy of his massive arms, popping chest, and capped shoulders. He enjoyed a stellar 2021 season which saw him claim back-to-back titles at the Europa Pro Championships and Arnold Classic UK. En route to earning gold in the U.K., De Asha defeated a lesser-known Samson Dauda, who has since gone on to find great success in the league.

De Asha’s momentum in Europe wouldn’t stop in his native country as he made an appearance at the 2021 Yamamoto Cup, once again laying claim to the top prize, and in the process, outpointing bronze-finisher Samson Dauda as well as runner-up Roelly ‘The Beast’ Winklaar on the scorecards.

While De Asha has been nursing a pair of shoulder injuries for some time, it appears a comeback is on the horizon this year. The Open bodybuilding star joined Giles Thomas for an honest interview about where he intends to take his career in the coming months.

De Asha’s goal is to win a number of pro shows in Europe to prevent other contenders from making their way to the Olympia stage. “All these new pros coming through… saying the old guard is gone, my intention this year is to get all these new apparently top five Olympias, take their Olympia spots away. So I’m going to Spain, few Brazilians are going, I’ll beat them. Go to Spain and hopefully go to Italy and see where we’re at, maybe France also, one of them, maybe one or two of them.”

De Asha is convinced fans and competitors have forgotten the physique he’s capable of crafting. He added that he’s happier and the heaviest he’s ever been in the 2023 off-season. “People think I’ve been gone for years in this sport, I’ve only missed a year. I’ve missed one year you know what I mean. People think you’re never coming back but I’m here to show them it’s possible. And you know obviously, all the guys… I’ll just smoke them again mate, it’s just one of those things. I think people forget what I can bring.”

“Seeing him doing well for himself, I congratulate him it’s probably the best Samson I’ve seen on stage, probably the biggest I’ve seen him, 290 pounds or something – absolutely massive. He and Milos are doing great things together. Hopefully, he can bring it to the Olympia this year,” added De Asha.

Despite some depression, De Asha said he’s gotten over his injuries and is determined not to let the adversity affect his mental outlook. “Yeah it was a big deal [to overcome that injury] but I never took it serious. A lot of these guys, their heads go because that’s all he got mate. They take it so serious. For me, I’m good at it, and its something I like doing. A lot of guys take it serious and it gets to them. I’m not going to lie I was depressed because I didn’t go to the Olympia the year before, I didn’t believe I would have been the strongest at Olympia, and then I was like, ‘Fu** I should have done it,’ and this and that. But that year, 2021, was more about the money rather than placing in the Olympia.”

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