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PGA TOUR to Introduce ‘No Cut Designated Events’ by 2024 Despite Tiger Woods’ Pushback

The PGA Tour is set to introduce “no cut designated events” next year, which would allow all golfers to participate until the end of the tournament. This move has been met with resistance from several golfers, including Tiger Woods, who has been one of the most vocal detractors. However, despite the pushback, the PGA Tour is likely to move forward with this decision.

PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan recently spoke about the need for clear separation between designated events and full-field events to improve cadence. He stated that the PGA Tour wants to avoid the position they were in this year, where they had a few isolated weeks. While some golfers have expressed their support for this move, others like Jason Day have pushed back, stating that they prefer having a cut.

Day believes that having a shorter field is beneficial, as it allows the best players in the world to rise to the occasion and play better. He also stated that having a cut is the norm in golf and that the majority of fans understand that if you don’t play well, you’re out and don’t get paid. However, he did acknowledge that playing for guaranteed money is a significant draw.

Adam Scott, another prominent golfer, is not the biggest fan of the change, either. He believes that the move is primarily for commercial reasons, as sponsors and television networks want to capture a top player in case they have a bad couple of days. However, he doesn’t think that the best players are pushing for no cut because they’re afraid of missing a cut.

While the introduction of no cut events would shake things up dramatically, it is worth noting that these events would be the minority on the schedule. The PGA Tour appears to be moving forward with this decision, regardless of the pushback from some players.

It is possible that the arrival of LIV Golf, a new golf league, may have influenced the PGA Tour’s decision to introduce no cut events. LIV Golf’s format is similar to this, with no cuts and a smaller field of players. It remains to be seen how this move will affect the PGA Tour’s popularity and whether it will attract more viewers and sponsors.

In conclusion, the PGA Tour is set to introduce “no cut designated events” next year, despite resistance from some players like Tiger Woods, Jason Day, and Adam Scott. While some players prefer having a cut, others believe that having a shorter field is beneficial for the best players to rise to the occasion. The move may have been influenced by the arrival of LIV Golf, but it remains to be seen how it will affect the PGA Tour’s popularity and success.

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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