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Power Duo Alert: Seth Feroce and Missy Truscott Team Up to Forge Massive Shoulders!

Bodybuilding veteran Seth Feroce is making a comeback to the sport after a decade of retirement. The 39-year-old recently posted a video on his YouTube channel, in which he partnered with Missy Truscott, a two-time Fitness Olympia winner, for a shoulder workout. Feroce is a prominent voice in the bodybuilding world and has been vocal about his criticism of the lifestyle and steroid use in the sport. In recent years, he has leaned towards high-intensity functional training to remain fit and healthy. However, he has now reintroduced weight training to his routine for complete development. Feroce has also teased a return to the competitive stage, but no updates have been given yet.

During his recent shoulder training session, Feroce partnered with IFBB Pro bodybuilder Missy Truscott. Truscott has a solid resume in the IFBB Pro League’s fitness division, boasting two Fitness Olympia wins, in 2020 and 2022, and two runner-up finishes in 2019 and 2021. She has never finished below the top two in any of the Pro shows she has participated in and has several wins on her record, including the 2021 Arnold Classic, the 2022 Boston Pro, and the 2021 Legion Sports Fest Pro.

Feroce acquainted Truscott with his training methods and shared some unique tips to get round and muscular shoulders. The duo started off with the dumbbell shoulder press to work the anterior deltoid muscles. They pushed through some heavy sets of the exercise to pump the delts with blood and jumped into the next exercise.

To work the lateral/medial delts, Feroce and Truscott performed dumbbell lateral raises. Feroce admitted that he used to sway his upper body during the lateral raises but addressed this problem by slightly modifying the technique. He hugged a tree so that his arms were like a circle, and they came down bent, rather than straight. This way, Feroce ensured that he was doing the exercise the right way. Additionally, he feels that keeping straight arms never appealed to him because he wanted to ‘get jacked’. The 39-year-old always wanted to push himself beyond failure to make more gains.

Feroce wanted to find ways other than drop sets to go beyond failure. His pursuit led him to a technique where he picks a weight and goes to absolute failure with it. He then cuts that weight in half and does double the reps. For example, if he does the incline dumbbell press with the 140s and gets 15 reps, he then does the 70s for 30 reps. While this method may not be the perfect way to work for everyone, it has definitely worked for Feroce.

The duo took to a superset of bent-over dumbbell lateral raises and bent-over cable rear delt rows to work the posterior deltoids/rear delts. Rear deltoids are a small muscle group, and most people advise utilizing a full range of motion on the rear delt exercises. However, Feroce has a completely different outlook on working this muscle group. He found out that whenever he did the bent-over dumbbell lateral raises out there, using heavier weights but a small movement, he just got them to fire up. Feroce is not a fan of doing six to eight reps of any exercise as he loves to get in more volume. Therefore he supersets the bent-over dumbbell lateral raises with the face pulls – but with a twist. Unlike the standard face pulls, Feroce bends over to this exercise so that his head is exactly between the arms.

The duo performed all the sets within this superset in rapid succession and minimal rest periods to activate the posterior deltoid muscles. After this, they took to the final exercise of the day, alternating dumbbell front raises. Feroce found a unique technique for doing this exercise by simply trying out different arm positions to figure out the one position where the anterior delts looked most muscular. He realized that the anterior delts were most engaged when the dumbbells were raised in front while bending forward at the hips. However, Feroce does perform both variations of front raises – bent over and upright.

Feroce and Truscott cranked out some solid sets of alternating dumbbell front raises and ended their shoulder workout. Feroce’s unique training methods and techniques have helped him remain fit and healthy, and he is now preparing for a comeback to the competitive stage. Fans of the sport are eagerly waiting to see Feroce back in action and see how his training methods help him achieve his goals.

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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