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Rahul Tewatia Thrilled to Spot His Face on Airport Banners!

Gujarat Titans all-rounder Rahul Tewatia is proud to be one of the faces of the franchise. The 29-year-old cricketer expressed his joy when his family and relatives see his photo on the banners. Tewatia is known for his talent in finishing matches, which he showcased during the Rajasthan Royals’ match against Punjab Kings in Sharjah in IPL 2020. He also made a similar cameo against the SunRisers Hyderabad in the same year and has continued to perform well for the Gujarat Titans.

In an interview with ESPN Cricinfo’s Cricket Monthly, Tewatia shared how he felt when he saw his photo on the team banner at the airport. One of his friends sent him the picture with twinkling heart emojis a month before the start of the IPL when he was travelling to Ahmedabad. Tewatia said that every player dreams of seeing their face on banners at the airport, and he feels happy when his relatives and friends send him pictures of the banner. He also expressed his gratitude towards his well-wishers who are genuinely happy for him.

Tewatia, who was born in Haryana, made headlines when he slammed five sixes in an over against Punjab Kings’ Sheldon Cottrell during the Royals’ match. The Royals scored an unlikely 51 off the final three overs to chase down 224 successfully. Tewatia’s 25-ball 43 against Royal Challengers Bangalore was also a memorable innings that helped the Titans win the match.

Speaking of his cameo for the Titans against RCB at the Brabourne Stadium in IPL 2022, Tewatia admitted that the opposition’s bowling unit was strong, but they wanted to finish the game by hook or crook. He explained that the top order had fallen, and whatever he and David Miller planned, the game flowed that way. Tewatia and Miller were pumped up and enjoyed batting, and it was an overwhelming feeling after they finished the game. He also mentioned that the Hanuman ji inside of him came out in the open when he posed for the camera.

Tewatia will be playing for the defending champions, the Gujarat Titans, against the Mumbai Indians in an away game on Friday.

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