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Roelly Winklaar’s Shocking Retirement Rethink: ‘I Never Imagined It Would End Like This!’

Renowned bodybuilder, Egberton Rulove “Roelly” Etienne-Winklaar, has yet to officially retire from the sport. However, during a recent podcast appearance on The Menace Podcast, he discussed his injuries, protein intake, and the possibility of a comeback. Winklaar, a standout Men’s Open competitor, quickly gained attention in the IFBB Pro League for his impressive muscle density, size, and pronounced triceps. The Curaçaoan/Dutch native has earned his place among elite talent, having competed in Mr. Olympia a total of 10 times.

Winklaar’s triceps have been the talk of the town among bodybuilding fans. They are considered the most impressive and colossal triceps in the history of bodybuilding. Even when his arms are at rest, his triceps are massive. Winklaar knows how to show them off with perfect posing, making him stand out as the best in the business. In 2018, Winklaar recorded his best Mr. Olympia performance, where he pushed the late Shawn Rhoden in the first call-out. He ultimately finished third but also received the Olympia People’s Champ Award.

Questions surrounding Winklaar’s retirement have been circulating for some time. Last year, fans noticed that he downsized his physique, which spurred rumors of his departure from the sport. Additionally, he helped fellow competitor William Bonac prepare for the 2022 Mr. Olympia. Following a five-hour left shoulder rotator cuff surgery, Winklaar voiced that his future in bodybuilding was uncertain. He said the healing process would factor into his decision to make a comeback. While he admits he may never build the physique he carried in his prime, Winklaar isn’t ready to close the door on his career.

When asked if he was officially retired, Winklaar responded, “I can’t answer that no, [officially retired] I don’t want to retire. I don’t want to retire but the injuries that I have I think I can do better to be my best back on stage.” Winklaar believes his heavy training likely caused the shoulder injury that has prevented him from working out and competing. He said, “I don’t know how to call it in English, rotator cuff, it’s done. It’s too much, third-grade [tear]. I tried food, I tried. No, it’s only from the gym from all the years of heavy training.”

Dennis James, Winklaar’s colleague, believes that he has nothing left to prove as a bodybuilder. “Roelly doesn’t have anything to prove anymore, your name is cemented in the IFBB Pro League forever. People will talk about ‘The Beast’ for the next 100 years. You’ll never have to worry about that. Maybe, I would have loved to see was you getting off stage and telling your fans ‘This is it for me, I’m going to hang it up.’” Winklaar would have preferred to leave the sport on his own accord instead of an injury forcing him to stop.

Winklaar maintained his muscle mass by consuming common proteins such as fish and chicken. He said, “I was eating in my prep I was always eating fish. No more, like two kilos, two kilos of chicken. I don’t have protein [shakes] no, shakes. No shakes. With eggs [and chicken] for breakfast.”

Winklaar has previously stated that politics affected his placings at contests ‘a lot.’ However, he made it clear that his exit from bodybuilding was a direct result of his recent shoulder injury. Although it is not final, Winklaar is heavily considering a comeback. Given his abrupt departure, fans would love to see him back on stage.

In conclusion, Egberton Rulove “Roelly” Etienne-Winklaar is not yet ready to officially retire from bodybuilding. Despite his recent shoulder injury, he is considering a comeback. Winklaar’s muscle density, size, and pronounced triceps have earned him a place among elite talent, having competed in Mr. Olympia a total of 10 times. His impressive physique and posing skills have made him stand out as the best in the business. Fans would love to see him back on stage, but ultimately, the decision lies with Winklaar himself.

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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