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Unveiling the Dark Side of Competitive Bodybuilding: Rich Gaspari and John Romano Reveal the Shocking Health Implications

Bodybuilding legend Rich Gaspari and industry expert John Romano recently sat down for a candid discussion about the use of steroids in the sport. In a recent podcast, the two examined the use of trenbolone in-depth, highlighting its benefits and drawbacks. Gaspari, who became famous for his conditioning in the 1980s and ‘90s, was the first man to display striated glutes on a bodybuilding stage. Despite never winning the prestigious Mr. Olympia title during his career, Gaspari was the first winner of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s inaugural Arnold Classic in 1989. His voice holds weight in the bodybuilding community, and he regularly compares different eras of competitors.

Gaspari has been vocal about his issues with the Open class in bodybuilding. In his opinion, athletes in the Open have begun to rely on drugs more than hard work, training, and proper nutrition. In his latest endeavor, Rich took a closer look at a powerful compound called trenbolone, which has quickly become popular and controversial due to its reputation for causing dramatic gains and mental instability.

Romano started the discussion by saying that the younger generation of athletes has nicknamed insulin ‘slin.’ Gaspari said tren has become one of the most talked-about compounds in the fitness sector. He added that the gains from trenbolone are impressive but come with drawbacks, specifically to the liver and cardiovascular system. Gaspari explained that trenbolone is a very harsh steroid, and while it can produce great gains, it is tough on the body, and when injected, it can cause a cough. He also explained that the pellets used to be the way to take trenbolone, but today’s bodybuilders only know about the liquid oil that you get.

Romano explained the differences in trenbolone formulations as some are more quick-acting than others. Gaspari and Romano agree that pairing trenbolone and Sustanon together results in an effective combination for promoting muscle growth. Sustanon is a blend of four testosterone, and one of them being proprianate, which is the fastest-acting one. That’s why you have to take sustanon every other day, and that’s why tren goes very well with it because sustanon is a powerful well-used steroid paired with trenbolone acetate. If you don’t grow on that, you’re not growing.

Gaspari contends even the nicest person would turn ‘nasty’ on a regular trenbolone dose. He explained that what he’s seen with people is that they get great effects, really great gains, but they also become nasty and nuts. In the past, Romano said trenbolone use caused him to feel anger over manufactured thoughts that weren’t real. He said that tren makes him nuts, wanting to kill, and causes him to fabricate scenarios in his brain that do not exist, and he reacts to them and gets angry over them. He added that it’s only because he has a strong mind that he’s able to understand why it’s happening and not react to it. For as long as he’s on tren, it’s always a struggle to remember reality and what he’s manufactured are two different things, and not to react. Users beware, you’re probably going to punch people in the face at the gym.

Gaspari isn’t the only athlete in bodybuilding calling attention to the dangers of trenbolone. Powerlifter and bodybuilder Larry Wheels said he used the compound for some time, which he described as a ‘living hell.’ Contrarily, Nathan De Asha, a popular UK-based Open competitor, swears by the compound and says he takes it year-round. It’s important to note that Fitness Volt does not condone and/or recommend the use of recreational or performance-enhancing drugs. This article reports on information relayed by the athlete or subject. FitnessVolt is not a medical resource, and the content provided to you is for informational purposes only.

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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