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Venezuelan Wonderkid Oswald Peraza: Where Will He Shine? Top 3 Trade Destinations to Watch Out For

Young shortstop Oswald Peraza’s future with the New York Yankees is uncertain, as the team is currently facing an insane amount of injuries. Peraza lost the starting shortstop job and was demoted to AAA. Although he is with the major league club now, his role is expected to become diminished as players return to the lineup. The Yankees are clogged with Gleyber Torres and DJ LeMahieu at second base, while Anthony Volpe is expected to be the shortstop for the next six years at minimum. As a result, Peraza could be sent back to the minors, and there is no real future for him with the Yankees.

However, some teams could use Peraza’s talents, and there are a few possible trade destinations for him. Here are the top three:

3) Atlanta Braves
The Atlanta Braves have been struggling to replace Dansby Swanson’s production, and they need depth and versatility in the infield. Oswald Peraza could be a good fit for them, at least to fill the hole temporarily.

2) Pittsburgh Pirates
The Pittsburgh Pirates lost Oneil Cruz for the entire season, and adding depth up the middle would be a wise choice. Peraza is young and would fit in their timeline, making him a good option for the team.

1) Los Angeles Dodgers
Although Peraza has struggled in major league action, his play last year in the postseason and down the stretch was fine. The Los Angeles Dodgers, after Gavin Lux’s injury, are in desperate need of a shortstop, and Peraza could be a good fit for them.

It remains to be seen which team will acquire Peraza, but he is a talented young player who could be a valuable asset to any team in need of a shortstop.

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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