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WSM Champ Oleksii Novikov Reveals How Elbow Injury Threatens His Reign: Will His Achilles Heel Be His Downfall?

Oleksii Novikov, the bronze medal winner of the 2023 World’s Strongest Man competition, has finally shared his thoughts on the event. In a 40-minute YouTube video, he covered every aspect of his campaign, from his travel to the United States to his mental state after the competition. However, one thing that stood out was his elbow injury, which affected his performance in the competition.

Novikov’s journey to the competition was a difficult one, with his trip from Ukraine to the United States taking three days. He also had to endure multiple interviews and media shoots upon arriving in Myrtle Beach, causing his energy levels to deplete. Despite these challenges, Novikov performed impeccably during the qualifying stage, winning three out of the five events. He qualified for the finals with ease, with his greatest performance coming in the Conan’s Wheel event, which he won confidently.

However, things did not go as planned for Novikov during the finals. On the second day of the competition, he participated in the Max Dumbbell Press event, which he was looking forward to. Sadly, he did not perform as well as he had hoped, as he had injured his elbow while preparing for the competition. He was not able to lift more than 132 kilograms (291 pounds) in the Dumbbell Overhead Press event, which is his favorite event.

Novikov revealed that he had injured his elbow during his training, and was not able to extend his elbow without pain. He had not paid much attention to the injury at first, but it became a problem during the competition. The elbow lost the function of full extension and activating, which made locking out heavy weights a problem for him. He is unsure if he needs surgery, but he will take care of his elbow.

Despite the injury, Novikov was pleased with his performance at the 2023 WSM. However, he admitted that the mental pressure of having to win the competition had taken a toll on his performance. According to him, it is easier to perform well when you don’t have high expectations as opposed to aiming to become the World’s Strongest Man.

Novikov has now competed in 36 international contests and has come out with 11 victories. He has appeared in three WSM finals, winning one (2020) and placing third twice (2022, 2023). He is already preparing for other competitions, including the 2023 Shaw Classic, Rogue Invitational, and Strongman Classic.

Novikov’s performance at the 2023 WSM was impressive, especially considering the challenges he faced during his journey to the competition. His injury may have affected his performance, but he still managed to secure a bronze medal. With his upcoming appearances in other competitions, Novikov has the chance to improve his resume even further.

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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