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Irish Powerlifter Jamal Browner Smashes Records with Mind-Blowing 235-kg Raw Bench Press PR in Training

Irish Powerlifter Jamal Browner Sets New Bench Press PR Ahead of Strongman Competition

Jamal Browner, a world-class powerlifter from Ireland, has decided to take a break from powerlifting and compete in a Strongman competition. His main goal is to set a new Deadlift World Record, which has been his primary focus for the past few months. However, in the process of testing his upper body strength, Browner also set a new bench press personal record (PR) of 235 kilograms (518 pounds). He showcased this impressive feat by posting a video on his Instagram page.

What makes Browner’s bench press PR even more remarkable is that he achieved it without using any equipment. This lift was 7.5 kilograms (16.5 pounds) heavier than his previous best bench press in an official competition. If Browner can maintain this level of strength after the upcoming Strongman event, he has the potential to revolutionize his weight class in powerlifting.

Browner attributes his newfound strength on the bench press to his recent weight gain, although he did not disclose his current bodyweight. He stated, “Bench is getting stronger even though I’m not really focused on it. Probably from weight gain 😅 hopefully the gains stay loyal when I cut back down!”

Jamal Browner’s next appearance will be at the 2023 Giants Live World Deadlift Championships, scheduled to take place at the Cardiff International Arena in Wales on September 2nd. He will be one of 15 men attempting to break Hafthor Bjornsson’s World Record of 501 kilograms (1,104.5 pounds), but as the only powerlifter on the roster.

Browner has already achieved a deadlift of 500 kilograms (1,102.3 pounds) in training, but that was with a sumo stance. In the upcoming competition, he will have to perform the deadlift with a conventional stance, as sumo is prohibited in Strongman. Nevertheless, Browner’s conventional deadlifts are also awe-inspiring, as he has come close to the 1,000-pound (453.6-kilogram) mark on multiple occasions.

In his preparation for the competition, Browner has revealed that he will not be using a deadlift suit, despite it being allowed. This sets him apart from Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson, who both used suits for their record-breaking half-a-ton deadlifts. Browner will only rely on lifting straps, which are forbidden in powerlifting, his main sport.

While Browner aims to prove himself to the Strongman community, he already has an impressive powerlifting resume. He has participated in 16 sanctioned competitions and emerged victorious in 11 of them. His personal bests include a squat of 370 kilograms (815.8 pounds), a bench press of 227.5 kilograms (501.6 pounds), and a deadlift of 455 kilograms (1,003 pounds). His total of 1,052.5 kilograms (2,320.45 pounds) is an all-time raw world record in the U110KG weight class.

Jamal Browner’s competition history showcases his consistent dominance in powerlifting. At the 2022 USPA Pro Raw Championships, he set all of his PRs, including his squat, bench press, and deadlift. He achieved a total of 2,320.4 pounds (1,052.5 kilograms) in the U110KG weight class, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with.

As Browner prepares for the Giants Live World Deadlift Championships, all eyes will be on him to see if he can break the current deadlift world record and make a name for himself in the Strongman community. With his incredible strength and determination, there’s no doubt that Browner will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in powerlifting and beyond.

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