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Jeff Nippard’s Science-Backed Back and Biceps Workout: The Ultimate Recipe for Muscle Success!

Jeff Nippard, a renowned Canadian fitness expert and YouTube personality, recently shared a high-volume pull-day workout designed to target the back and biceps. Nippard, who has a background in biochemistry and years of training experience, is known for his science-based approach to fitness. He has gained a large following on YouTube, with 3.8 million subscribers, and has helped numerous natural bodybuilders and powerlifters achieve their goals.

The pull-day workout begins with the One-Arm Half Kneeling Lat Pulldown, a lat-focused exercise. Nippard advises pulling the cable back until the upper arm is aligned with the body, as going too far back can reduce leverage on the lats. He also notes that some people prefer the lat pull-in variation, but it may not fully stimulate the lats due to the involvement of the teres muscles. Nippard suggests choosing the exercise that feels most effective for targeting the lats or periodically rotating between the two. Three sets of 12 to 15 reps are recommended for this exercise.

Next, Nippard includes Pull-ups, an advanced bodyweight movement. While he personally enjoys doing as many sets of pull-ups as possible, he acknowledges that the lats have already been worked during the lat pulldowns. To accommodate different fitness preferences, Nippard suggests performing one AMRAP (as many reps as possible) set of pull-ups. The goal is to increase the number of reps each week while maintaining proper form. Nippard advises placing the arms at a distance 1.5 times the shoulder width and using assistance, such as an assisted pull-up machine or resistance band, if needed.

Kroc Rows, a variation of dumbbell rows with controlled cheating, are also included in the workout. Nippard explains that strict form is important for beginners, but as lifters progress, a little body English can be beneficial for overloading the target muscles. He highlights the unique strength curve of back exercises, which are easier at the bottom and harder at the top. By allowing controlled momentum at the bottom, lifters can reach the point of full exhaustion more effectively. Three sets of 10 to 12 reps are recommended for Kroc Rows.

The final exercise in the pull-day workout is Cable Shrug-Ins. Unlike traditional dumbbell or barbell shrugs, cable shrug-ins involve an upward and inward movement. According to Nippard, this aligns better with the orientation of the upper trap muscle fibers, making it more effective for trap stimulation. He suggests using this variation to target the traps. The specific number of sets and reps for Cable Shrug-Ins is not mentioned in the article.

In conclusion, Jeff Nippard’s pull-day workout focuses on targeting the back and biceps through a variety of exercises. His science-backed approach and emphasis on proper form make this workout suitable for individuals at different fitness levels. By incorporating these exercises into a training routine, individuals can work towards achieving their back and biceps goals.

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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