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Jesse James West: The Natural Champ Takes the Bodybuilding World by Storm!

Irish Bodybuilding Sensation Jesse James West Wins Natural Bodybuilding Show

Social media sensation Jesse James West, known for his unique blend of bodybuilding, fitness, and entertainment content, has recently showcased his victory at the 2023 Summer Shredding Championships in a YouTube video. What sets West apart is his commitment to competing naturally, without the use of performance-enhancing substances. His impressive physique and dedication to his craft have earned him a massive following of nearly 3 million subscribers on YouTube and over 960,000 on Instagram.

West initially gained attention for his workout videos on social media, where he pushed himself with various training routines and challenges. In addition to bodybuilding, he has also explored powerlifting, strongman competitions, and other related activities. One of his notable collaborations was with internet sensation Liver King, where he adopted Liver King’s lifestyle of eating raw meat and training hard based on the nine ancestral tenets. Under Liver King’s guidance, West followed this lifestyle for 50 hours and reported positive results.

Another significant collaboration for West was with bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler, who mentored him through a challenging upper-body workout and offered tips during a posing session. He also partnered with fellow influencer Brandon William to train like Navy SEAL David Goggins, pushing their limits by following Goggins’ intense workout and diet for a day.

Last November, West teamed up with powerlifting sensation Larry Wheels for an extreme workout challenge. The goal was to lift a total of 100,000 pounds in just 60 minutes. Although West performed admirably, Wheels managed to beat him in a race against the clock to see who could lift the total weight first.

In a playful prank, West tricked legendary bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman into believing he had lifted a massive 700-pound squat using fake weights. Coleman was initially impressed and thought he had motivated West to achieve a new personal record, only to later discover that he had been pranked. West pulled a similar stunt on strongman legend Eddie Hall by lifting a huge 675-pound deadlift with fake weights.

In his recent YouTube video, West shared his experience competing in a bodybuilding show. Weighing in at 172 pounds on show day, he competed naturally in the Classic Physique category at the 2023 Summer Shredding Championships held in Houston, Texas. While he won in his class, he placed second overall in Men’s Physique and did not secure the overall victory in the Classic Physique category.

West’s dedication to his craft is evident in his collaborations with renowned figures in the bodybuilding world. He recently joined forces with former four-time Men’s Physique Olympia champion Jeremy Buendia for an intense shoulders workout, followed by a challenging chest workout with Ronnie Coleman. These collaborations highlight West’s commitment to continuously pushing himself and improving his physique.

If his latest achievements are any indication, Jesse James West has the potential to continue making waves in the bodybuilding industry if he decides to compete regularly. His unique content and natural approach to bodybuilding have garnered him a dedicated following, and fans eagerly anticipate his future endeavors in the fitness world.

To watch the full video of Jesse James West’s bodybuilding competition, click the link below.

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Stan Quinn
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