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Joey Swoll Slams Rule-Breaking Gym-Goer: ‘No Shirt, No Respect! Stay Home!’

Joey Swoll, a well-known figure in the fitness industry, is once again taking a stand against toxic gym culture. This time, he took to Twitter to call out a man who blatantly ignored gym rules by working out without a shirt, even after being asked by a staff member to wear one. Swoll’s ultimate goal is to make gyms and fitness centers more inclusive and supportive spaces, where people can focus on bettering themselves without facing cruel attacks, harassment, or bullying.

These hostile gym encounters have become all too common in recent times, and with the prevalence of social media, they are often caught on camera. Swoll has become a busy man, regularly stepping in to defend those who are being mistreated. In a previous incident, he fired shots at a woman using the Stairmaster who was gloating about moving faster than the person next to her. Swoll believed that regardless of pace, everyone at the gym should be respected for their efforts to improve themselves.

In his latest video, Swoll addressed the issue of the man who broke his gym’s rules by working out without a shirt. After being confronted by gym staff, he complied. However, as soon as the staff member left, he took his shirt back off and continued on the treadmill. The man claimed that he was told to put a shirt on because he was making others feel insecure, but Swoll wasn’t convinced.

Swoll emphasized that the gym staffer didn’t ask the man to put his shirt on because he made others feel insecure. In fact, there was nobody even looking at him in the video. The staffer simply reminded him to follow the gym’s rules, which apply to everyone. Swoll highlighted that the staff member was respectful and courteous in her approach, smiling as she delivered the message. Despite this, the man arrogantly disobeyed the rules, seemingly seeking attention and validation on social media.

Swoll’s efforts to make gyms more welcoming and respectful have been ongoing. Just recently, he reached out to Planet Fitness after multiple men in a locker room harassed and bullied a special needs person. Swoll’s dedication to his mission has caught the attention and support of former seven-time Mr. Olympia and bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Despite his tireless work, Swoll continues to encounter problematic situations. He hopes that more people will start respecting the rules and staff present at gyms, creating a better environment for everyone. Swoll’s message is clear: if you can’t respect the staff and rules of the gym, it’s better to stay home or build your own gym.

It is evident that Swoll’s mission to combat toxic gym culture is far from over. His actions and advocacy serve as a reminder that gyms should be safe spaces for everyone to focus on their fitness goals without fear of mistreatment. As Swoll continues to use his platform to shed light on these issues, he hopes to see a positive change in the gym culture.

Published: 31 July, 2023 | 6:48 PM EDT

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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