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Kali Muscle: “No Steroids, All Natural! My Testosterone Level Soars at 280!

Bodybuilder and fitness star Chuck “Kali Muscle” Kirkendall has made the decision to leave performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) behind for good. In a recent YouTube video, Kali Muscle reflected on his bodybuilding career and his experiences with steroids. After becoming addicted to these substances, he is now speaking out against their use. Kali Muscle’s fitness journey began when he was a young and impressionable teenager, and he has made significant progress since then. Despite facing challenges, such as a prison sentence at the age of 19, Kali refused to let his circumstances define his future. He worked hard to improve his situation, although he admits to making some unhealthy choices along the way.

Kali Muscle is a well-known YouTube personality who is recognized for his eccentric behavior, unique personality, and the content he creates. He is known for his impressive physique and has made headlines due to his controversial and outspoken nature. However, Kali Muscle has also faced significant health issues, including a heart attack in 2021. As someone who has built a following in the bodybuilding world, Kali Muscle has begun advocating against the use of steroids. He has become vocal about this topic after witnessing the premature deaths of other bodybuilders, such as Shawn Rhoden, George Peterson, and Cedric McMillan. Since retiring from the sport and distancing himself from its practices, Kali Muscle has not hesitated to showcase his downsized physique. Now, he is back to share another cautionary tale about the dangers of steroids.

In his YouTube video, titled “Steroids Is A Waste of Time,” Kali Muscle first discusses the dangers associated with popular anabolic compounds. He highlights the negative effects of Trenbolone, emphasizing that while it can increase strength, it also has harmful consequences such as high blood pressure, water retention, and increased estrogen levels. Kali Muscle also mentions Testosterone Cypionate, which he notes can raise estrogen levels and cause water retention. Lastly, he dismisses the supposed benefits of Primobolan, stating that it is ultimately ineffective. Kali Muscle reveals that his first cycle consisted of 1,000 grams of testosterone and 600 grams of Trenbolone. Over time, he became addicted to the feeling of strength that these steroids provided during his workouts.

Kali Muscle recalls a point in his career when he realized that he would have to resort to extreme drug use if he wanted to improve the conditioning in his legs. He explains that he reached a weight of 255-260 pounds, heavily influenced by his steroid use. However, he came to the realization that bodybuilding was not for him because he would have had to push himself to dangerous limits to become a professional. Achieving the desired leg development would have required significant amounts of growth hormone, IGF-1, and insulin, which he knew he did not have the resources or desire to pursue. Instead, Kali Muscle decided to focus on social media and gradually reduced his steroid intake. He currently maintains that he is all-natural and feels healthier than ever.

Kali Muscle emphasizes that using steroids is a waste of time and encourages others to consider the potential negative consequences. He acknowledges that starting steroid use may initially make individuals feel and look good, but it often requires the use of anti-estrogen medications to counteract the negative effects. Additionally, he points out that many people do not have access to proper medical guidance when using steroids. Kali Muscle expresses his happiness with his current natural state and believes that it is possible to achieve fitness goals without relying on steroids. He acknowledges the challenges faced by natural bodybuilders who want to gain weight, as they may be tempted to consume unhealthy foods. Kali Muscle also reveals that his current testosterone level is at 280, down from 281, but he feels good overall.

Lastly, Kali Muscle advises that steroids are generally not necessary until the age of 35 and recommends considering their use only when testosterone levels drop below 600. He shares that he is currently off all substances and considers himself a natural bodybuilder. Despite his health struggles, Kali Muscle remains committed to sharing his experiences and warning others about the potential dangers of steroid use.

This is not the first time that Kali Muscle has openly discussed his use of steroids. In a candid interview in May, he revealed that he did not stop taking them until he experienced a heart attack that nearly took his life. A few months ago, Kali mentioned that he was still taking a small dose of steroids to maintain his physique. Given his health issues, Kali has expressed concern for other popular talents in the industry and has urged them to prioritize their well-being over their physical appearance.

In conclusion, Kali Muscle’s decision to quit performance-enhancing drugs and speak out against their use marks a significant turning point in his career. Through his YouTube videos and candid interviews, he hopes to educate others about the dangers associated with steroid use and promote a healthier approach to fitness. Kali Muscle’s personal struggles and experiences serve as a cautionary tale for aspiring bodybuilders and individuals seeking to enhance their physical performance.

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