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Milos Sarcev Unveils Explosive 2023 Mr. Olympia Forecasts with Jay Cutler, Reveals Samson Dauda’s Remarkable Journey

Mass monster Samson Dauda has set his sights on dethroning Hadi Choopan at the upcoming 2023 Mr. Olympia competition. Dauda is riding high on the momentum of his victory at the Arnold Classic in Ohio in March. In a recent episode of the Cutler Cast Podcast, Dauda’s coach Milos Sarcev joined Jay Cutler to discuss the Nigerian bodybuilder’s impressive 330-pound physique and shared his predictions for the top three finishers at the Olympia competition, which will take place from November 2-5.

Samson Dauda possesses the ideal combination of aesthetics, a slim waist, mass, and proportions, making him a formidable contender in the Open category of the IFBB Pro League. In addition to his massive frame, Dauda has gained recognition for his detailed and graceful posing routines. In 2022, Dauda made waves in the Open class, securing fourth-place finishes at the Arnold Classic and Boston Pro, where he showcased his impressive mass and crisp conditioning. However, he saved his best performance for the Olympia stage, where he finished sixth in his debut appearance and gave the reigning Mr. Olympia, Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay, a tough battle during the prejudging rounds.

Months later, Dauda decided to go all-in at the 2023 Arnold Classic, where he emerged as the winner after a closely contested show against Nick Walker and Andrew Jacked. Although some found the outcome controversial, Dauda’s victory earned him a spot at the Olympia and positioned him as a strong contender to challenge Hadi Choopan’s reign.

During the Cutler Cast Podcast, Milos Sarcev shared his top three predictions for the 2023 Mr. Olympia competition. According to Sarcev, the top three finishers will be Samson Dauda, Derek Lunsford, and Hadi Choopan. He expressed confidence in Dauda’s chances and stated that the order of the top three could vary.

Jay Cutler, a four-time Olympia winner, believes that Dauda’s competition would be intimidated if they saw his current physique. Cutler encouraged Dauda to share an update of his physique, stating that his impressive track record would instill fear in his rivals. Cutler emphasized that Dauda’s physique, characterized by his small waist and streamlined proportions, is even more remarkable. He compared Dauda’s physique to that of Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay, who had a similar weight but different proportions.

Sarcev explained that Dauda aims to bring even better conditioning to the 2023 Mr. Olympia show compared to his appearance at the Arnold Classic. He mentioned that Dauda is constantly improving and committed to his training, resulting in a wider and better 330-pound physique. Sarcev expressed his confidence in Dauda’s chances, highlighting his physique’s appeal and drawing comparisons to legendary bodybuilders like Lee Haney and Dorian Yates.

Moving forward, Cutler and Sarcev acknowledged the potential of Carlos Thomas Jr. as a wildcard in the Open class. However, they believe that he may struggle with the tie-ins and proportions compared to Andrew Jacked, who is currently preparing to defend his Texas Pro title next month. They discussed the anticipation surrounding Jacked’s unveiling and the challenges that other competitors may face when standing next to him.

In conclusion, Samson Dauda is determined to make a name for himself at the 2023 Mr. Olympia competition. With his impressive physique and posing abilities, he has positioned himself as a serious contender to challenge Hadi Choopan for the title. Milos Sarcev and Jay Cutler have expressed confidence in Dauda’s chances, highlighting his potential to secure a top-three finish. As the competition approaches, all eyes will be on Dauda as he aims to make a lasting impression on the bodybuilding world.

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