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Ronda Rousey’s Shocking Exit from Stars on Mars: Fans React to the Unexpected Twist

Stars on Mars Season 1 made a triumphant return with an exciting new episode on Monday, July 24. In this particular segment, the cast faced the challenge of regaining control of the hab after it was hacked by artificial intelligence (AI). While the cast managed to overpower the enemy, it was also time for someone to be sent home, as is customary each week.

Despite Ronda Rousey’s exceptional performance during the task, she found herself in the bottom two alongside the new contestants Pierce and Cora. Ultimately, the decision of whether to stay or leave was left up to Rousey by Andy Richter. The wrestler decided to leave the show and return home to her child. Fans took to social media to express their disappointment and felt that Ronda should have stayed. They referred to her as the “oxygen and life” of the show and were saddened by her departure.

Stars on Mars fans were left heartbroken by Ronda Rousey’s elimination in episode 7 of the first season. In a surprising twist, Rousey chose to leave the show on her own accord due to missing her daughter. During the episode, AI trapped some cast members while the others had to reset the software by completing various tasks in order to regain control and free the trapped contestants. Although Ronda Rousey performed well enough to avoid being placed at the bottom, Base Commander Andy Richter put herself at the bottom to give Rousey the opportunity to decide for herself.

Ronda Rousey had previously expressed her longing for her family, particularly her 18-month-old daughter La’akea Makalapuaokalanio Browne. As she prepared to exit the hab, Marshawn Lynch rushed to give her a farewell hug. In her exit interview, Rousey mentioned that she would miss him the most and shared her admiration for his resilience. Fans took to social media to express their wishes for Ronda Rousey to have stayed on the show.

Ronda Rousey also took to social media to reflect on her experience on Stars on Mars. She expressed missing her “space fam” while watching the episodes and reliving their “crazy experience.” She shared snippets of her friendship with Marshawn Lynch, whom she referred to as her “thunder buddy” and stated that she loves him. Rousey added that she couldn’t have gone through Stars on Mars Season 1 without him.

Other contestants who have been eliminated from the Mars simulation show so far include Ashley Laconetti, Natasha Leggero, Tom Schwartz, Richard Sherman, Tallulah Willis, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Fans can look forward to the next episode of Stars on Mars, which will air next Monday on Fox.

In conclusion, Ronda Rousey’s departure from Stars on Mars Season 1 has left fans saddened, as they believed she brought an essential energy to the show. However, Rousey’s decision to prioritize her family is admirable, and her presence will be missed by both the cast and viewers. As the show continues, fans eagerly anticipate what exciting developments the next episode will bring.

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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