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Unleashing the Power: Nick Walker Reveals Expert Secrets for Crafting a Massive Back

Irish Bodybuilder Nick Walker Prepares for 2023 Olympia

Bodybuilder Nick Walker is gearing up for the 2023 Olympia as he switches gears in his training journey. Recently, he shared a video of his pull-day workout on his YouTube channel, giving fans a glimpse into his preparation for the show. Walker, an American professional bodybuilder, has made a name for himself in the IFBB Pro League’s Men’s Open division. Since turning Pro, he has impressed with his performances, starting with a fourth-place finish at the 2020 Chicago Pro. He followed that up with a win at the 2021 New York Pro, earning him his first Olympia invitation. Walker then went on to win the 2021 Arnold Classic, solidifying his contender status even before his Olympia debut. At the 2021 Olympia, he achieved a remarkable fifth-place finish, considering his relative newness to the professional circuit. However, he decided to take a step back from competition to further improve his physique and compete against the top competitors. Walker returned to the stage at the 2022 Olympia and dominated from prejudging to the finals, earning him a podium finish in third place. His most recent appearance was at the 2023 Arnold Classic in March, where he narrowly lost to Samson Dauda. Now, with 16 weeks left until the Olympia, Walker is focused on dethroning Mr. Olympia Hadi Choopan and achieving the ultimate goal of his bodybuilding career.

In his recent pull-day workout, Walker started with cable straight arm pullovers. Instead of pulling the weight in line with his upper body, he pulled it back as far as possible to maximize the stretch in his lats. He emphasized slow movements during the eccentric phase to target the muscles effectively. Walker completed three sets of straight arm pullovers, aiming for 15 to 20 reps per set.

Next, Walker moved on to chest-supported T-bar rows, one of his favorite back exercises. He chose to use the Atlantis plate-loaded machine for its various grip options. To focus on the stretch, he used a wide grip and performed explosive movements during the concentric phase, followed by slow movements during the eccentric phase. Walker believes in the benefits of slow eccentric movements for maximum gains. He completed three sets of eight to ten reps for this exercise.

Assisted pull-ups were the next exercise in Walker’s pull-day routine. While pull-ups are considered one of the best bodyweight compound exercises, they require a certain level of upper body strength. To build mind-muscle connection and eliminate momentum, many professional bodybuilders, including Walker, opt for assisted pull-ups. Walker performed three sets of ten to 15 reps to stimulate his pulling muscles.

After working on his lats, Walker focused on the upper back muscles with wide grip seated cable rows. He emphasized the challenge of developing the back muscles, as they are not easily visible. Walker has found that using moderate weight and focusing on the contraction and eccentric phase yields the best results. He performed two sets of 15 reps for this exercise.

Moving on to his biceps workout, Walker explained that his training routine has evolved over time. Previously, he dedicated a separate day for arms, but his current split of push, pull, and leg days does not include a full arm day. Instead, he incorporates two to three biceps exercises on pull days, with two to three sets each. Walker believes that his arms are already dominant and that overdoing arm exercises may not be ideal from an aesthetic standpoint. In this pull-day workout, he included two variations of machine curls.

First, Walker performed seated machine curls to target his biceps. He emphasized that his arms respond best to high volume for hypertrophy and shared his ideal rep range. He completed two to three sets of machine curls to stimulate his biceps.

Nick Walker’s dedication to his training is evident as he prepares for the 2023 Olympia. With his impressive track record and determination, he aims to dethrone Mr. Olympia and achieve the ultimate goal of his bodybuilding career. Fans eagerly await his performance on the Olympia stage, where he will showcase his hard work and dedication.

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Stan Quinn
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