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Unstoppable Lucy Underdown Shatters Unofficial Deadlift World Record with Mind-Blowing 310-kg (683.4-lb) Lockout!

Irish Strongwoman Lucy Underdown Continues to Break Personal Records in Training

Lucy Underdown, the renowned Irish strongwoman, is on an impressive streak of surpassing her personal bests in training. Known for her exceptional deadlift strength, Lucy has taken her abilities to a whole new level. While she was already capable of handling the weight of the current World Record, she has now revealed her new one-rep deadlift maximum. In a video shared on Instagram, Lucy showcased her brand new 310-kilogram (683.4-pound) deadlift PR.

This remarkable feat not only solidifies her position as the current World Record holder, with a previous record of 300 kilograms (661.4 pounds), but also sets a new Unofficial World Record. What makes this achievement even more extraordinary is the ease with which Lucy executed the lift. Using only a lifting belt and lifting straps, she unofficially shattered the World Record by an additional 10 kilograms (22 pounds). In the caption of her video, Lucy posed two questions: “How much more can I pull?” and “Will I get 700lbs+?” It is evident that she is not content with her current accomplishment and aims to push her limits even further.

In a comment, Lucy confirmed her intention to attempt breaking the record in a Raw Strongman fashion. This means that she will not utilize a deadlift suit for her official attempt, opting instead for lifting straps. With her incredible strength and determination, Lucy Underdown is poised to dominate the upcoming 2023 Giants Live World Deadlift Championships, scheduled for September 2nd in Cardiff, Wales. Remarkably, she will be the only woman competing among 15 men.

While Lucy’s deadlift prowess is unmatched, another strongwoman, Victoria Long, has recently demonstrated her own impressive deadlift abilities. Just a few days ago, Victoria effortlessly lifted 297 kilograms (654.8 pounds) at the 2023 Khaos Classic. However, she unfortunately suffered a hamstring injury when attempting a massive 700-pound lift. This incident has further motivated Lucy to set the World Record bar even higher, making it nearly insurmountable for her competitors.

In addition to her deadlift accomplishments, Lucy Underdown also set a Deadlift World Record of 305 kilograms (672.4 pounds) using a Kratos Barbell at the 2023 UK’s Strongest Woman competition. Although she narrowly missed out on the title in the final event, losing to Rebecca Roberts, Lucy already boasts an impressive collection of titles. In 2022, she emerged victorious in both Arnold’s UK Strongwoman Pro and England’s Strongest Woman competitions.

It is important to note that Lucy Underdown’s training regimen extends beyond deadlifts. She has been consistently working on improving her overall strength, as evidenced by her recent Log Lift PR of 120 kilograms (264.6 pounds). With her continuous progress and unwavering dedication, Lucy is undoubtedly on the path to becoming the World’s Strongest Woman and claiming numerous other prestigious titles.

Published: 28 July 2023 | 9:25 AM EDT

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