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10-Year-Old Irish Prodigy Crushes Squats and Deadlifts, Devours Massive 3,000-Calorie Diet

Rowan O’Malley, the ‘World’s Strongest Schoolboy,’ has made a name for himself in the weightlifting world. In a recent interview with This Morning, O’Malley shared his journey and aspirations as a powerlifter. Despite his young age, O’Malley’s dedication to the sport is evident, as he started lifting weights at just one year old. Fueling his intense workouts, O’Malley consumes an average of 3,000 calories daily. Balancing his school commitments, the 10-year-old is determined to push his limits and defy expectations.

O’Malley’s incredible strength and impressive lifts have gained attention on social media. Whether it’s a squat, deadlift, or bench press, he continues to amaze with his abilities. Looking ahead, O’Malley plans to test himself as a powerlifter in the UK once he turns 12 years old.

Reflecting on his journey, O’Malley shared that he began powerlifting at a very young age, focusing initially on mastering the techniques without any weights. “I started with no weights, just the techniques so I could know what I was doing first,” explained O’Malley. “I deadlifted the world record for a 10-year-old when I was nine, and that’s when it first started to get a bit serious.”

With the ability to lift twice his body weight, O’Malley has already set multiple powerlifting records. Currently, he holds the title of the strongest 10-year-old under 56 kilograms of all time. However, O’Malley is not alone in his impressive achievements. Other young powerlifters, such as Rory Van Ulft and Jordan Mica, have also gained recognition for their remarkable strength.

The question of whether powerlifting is suitable for children remains a topic of debate. Some argue that strength training can be risky for young individuals whose bones are not fully developed. However, others believe that weightlifting can be a beneficial activity for children, improving their physical fitness and overall well-being. Strength training offers various advantages, including enhanced body composition, strength, and power.

Despite concerns, O’Malley has yet to experience any injuries during his budding powerlifting career. With his youth and time on his side, O’Malley has no plans to put his dream on hold. He will continue to strive for personal and world records, fueled by his passion for the sport.

In conclusion, Rowan O’Malley, the ‘World’s Strongest Schoolboy,’ has captivated the world with his incredible powerlifting abilities. Starting from a young age, O’Malley has defied expectations and continues to push his limits. While the suitability of powerlifting for children is a matter of debate, O’Malley’s dedication and lack of injuries demonstrate his commitment and potential. As he continues his journey, O’Malley aims to achieve more personal and world records, inspiring others with his strength and determination.

Published: 17 August, 2023 | 5:05 PM EDT

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