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Dennis Kohlruss Dominates Once Again: Unstoppable at the 2023 Germany’s Strongest Man Competition!

The 2023 Germany’s Strongest Man competition took place on August 12, 2023, in Gera, making it the greatest national Strongman competition to date. With six interesting events, 12 amazing athletes, and packed into one day of action, this competition drew interest from fans all around the world. In the end, they got to witness Dennis Kohlruss defend his title and win the 2023 Germany’s Strongest Man competition. Dennis Kohlruss defended his title after an incredibly consistent performance, with multiple top three finishes and two event victories. In the end, Dennis once again proved why he is undoubtedly the strongest man in Germany.

2023 Germany’s Strongest Man Results
Note: The point system was based on having the lowest score possible, as the winners of each event would receive one point, second place would get two points, and so forth.
Dennis Kohlruss — 13 points
Patrick Eibel — 23 points
Markus Schätzl — 28 points
Sebastian Kraus — 32 points
Albin Hasanović — 37 points
Matthias Winnerl — 40 points
Tim Hruby — 41 points
Michael Reichelt — 41 points
Martin Mos — 42 points
Enrico Panfili — 49 points
Kai Ehrhard — 51 points
Ayyub Mohammad — 72 points

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Event One — Wheelbarrow Carry
The first event of the 2023 Germany’s Strongest Man was the Wheelbarrow carry. The exact information about the weight of the wheelbarrow was unknown, but athletes attempted to finish the course as quickly as possible. Tim Hruby proved to be the quickest athlete in the lineup, but not by a large margin. He finished the course in a swift 18.07 seconds, while Sebastian Kraus crossed the finish line just 0.67 seconds later, securing a second place in the event.

Tim Hruby — 18.07 seconds
Sebastian Kraus — 18.74 seconds
Martin Mos — 21.29 seconds
Markus Schätzl — 21.36 seconds
Dennis Kohlruss — 21.69 seconds
Enrico Panfili — 22.05 seconds
Michael Reichelt — 22.18 seconds
Patrick Eibel — 22.42 seconds
Matthias Winnerl — 24.93 seconds
Kai Ehrhard — 29.37 seconds
Albin Hasanović — 17.9 meters
Ayyub Mohammad — Withdrew

Event Two — Tractor Pull
Moving onto the second event of the day, the athletes had to pull a humongous tractor for an undisclosed length. However, the majority of the roster was not able to complete the entire course, so they were then ranked based on who covered the most meters. Patrick Eibel was one of two men who finished the course in the given time cap, and did so six seconds quicker than Dennis Kohlruss, who finished in second place. With the remainder of the roster falling short of the finish line, Sebastian Kraus made the most of it, as he got the closest to it. He covered a distance of 15.48 meters, which was enough for third place.

Patrick Eibel — 55.46 seconds
Dennis Kohlruss — 61.50 seconds
Sebastian Kraus — 15.48 meters
Martin Mos — 11.89 meters
Matthias Winnerl — 11.84 meters
Michael Reichelt — 9.7 meters
Markus Schätzl — 9.6 meters
Tim Hruby — 9.28 meters
Kai Ehrhard — 7.05 meters
Albin Hasanović — 6.69 meters
Enrico Panfili — 6.47 meters

Event Three — Tire Flip
Marking the halfway point of the 2023 Germany’s Strongest Man competition, the Tire Flip event featured a humongous 425-kilogram tire that had to be flipped six times. It was once again a two-man race, but this time Sebastian Kraus walked away with first place. Dennis Kohlruss finished in second place again, just like in the previous event. Sebastian and Dennis were the only two men to complete all six flips, but Kraus did so in three seconds less. The third place went to Patrick Eibel who flipped the tire five times in a time of 63.50 seconds, faster than anyone else.

Sebastian Kraus — 6 in 56.62 s
Dennis Kohlruss — 6 in 59.86 s
Patrick Eibel — 5 in 63.50 s
Matthias Winnerl — 5 in 67.89 s
Albin Hasanović — 5 in 70.46 s
Michael Reichelt — 4 in 59.29 s
Markus Schätzl — 4 in 63.02 s
Martin Mos — 3 in 44.29 s
Enrico Panfili — 3 in 47.48 s
Kai Ehrhard — 1 in 13.47 s
Tim Hruby — 1 in 14.52 s

Event Four — Weight Throw
The weight throw is a standard event in Strongman competitions, but it varies in weight and height of the bar. So, for the 2023 Germany’s Strongest Man competition, the bar was set at 4.2 meters high, while the five implements ranged from 20 kilograms to 28 kilograms. After falling short in some previous events, Dennis Kohlruss finally claimed his first even victory, having finished all five implements in just 18.19 seconds. It took another four seconds for the next fastest man, Patrick Eibel, to finish the event.

Dennis Kohlruss — 5 in 18.19 s
Patrick Eibel — 5 in 22.30 s
Markus Schätzl — 5 in 35.27 s
Kai Ehrhard — 5 in 47.49 s
Sebastian Kraus — 5 in 70.13 s
Matthias Winnerl — 4 in 15.00 s
Albin Hasanović — 4 in 17.82 s
Michael Reichelt — 4 in 24.88 s
Enrico Panfili — 4 in 25.70 s
Martin Mos — 4 in 32.30 s
Tim Hruby — 4 in 34.16 s

Event Five — Dumbbell Medley
The second-to-last event of the 2023 Germany’s Strongest Man tasked the athletes with lifting six dumbbells increasing in weight. They ranged from 70 kilograms to 124.5 kilograms. After finally claiming an event win in the previous event, Dennis Kohlruss utilized the momentum and won the Dumbbell Medley as well. While no athlete lifted all six dumbbells, Dennis was the only one to lift five of them as well. Tim Hruby was the next greatest performer in the fifth event, as he lifted four dumbbells and all remaining athletes lifted three or less.

Dennis Kohlruss — 5 in 48.69 s
Tim Hruby — 4 in 50.28 s
Albin Hasanović — 3 in 19.11 s
Markus Schätzl — 3 in 22.05 s
Sebastian Kraus — 3 in 23.93 s
Patrick Eibel — 3 in 26.76 s
Matthias Winnerl — 2 in 22.29 s
Michael Reichelt — 2 in 23.00 s
Enrico Panfili — 2 in 28.89 s
Martin Mos — 2 in 31.97 s
Kai Ehrhard — 1 in 13.47 s
Tim Hruby — 1 in 14.52 s
Event Six — Atlas Stones
The final event of the 2023 Germany’s Strongest Man competition was the iconic Atlas Stones. The athletes had to lift and place five stones onto platforms of increasing height. Dennis Kohlruss continued his dominant performance and secured another event victory by completing all five stones in just 29.03 seconds. Sebastian Kraus finished in second place once again, while Patrick Eibel rounded out the top three.

Dennis Kohlruss — 5 in 29.03 s
Sebastian Kraus — 5 in 37.70 s
Patrick Eibel — 5 in 41.00 s
Markus Schätzl — 5 in 44.75 s
Matthias Winnerl — 5 in 45.00 s
Albin Hasanović — 5 in 47.10 s
Tim Hruby — 5 in 49.76 s
Michael Reichelt — 5 in 51.82 s
Enrico Panfili — 5 in 53.20 s
Martin Mos — 4 in 29.00 s
Kai Ehrhard — 4 in 31.

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