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Emotional Farewell: Brian Shaw’s Final Show at 2023 Shaw Classic

Brian Shaw, the renowned strongman, has announced that the 2023 Shaw Classic will be his last competition in the sport. In a video uploaded on his YouTube channel, Shaw expressed the significance of this event and shared his thoughts on his illustrious career. The Shaw Classic is scheduled to take place on August 19-20th in Loveland, CO, and this year’s winner will be crowned ‘The Strongest Man On Earth.’

Reflecting on his journey so far, Shaw emphasized the pressure he has put on himself during his training sessions leading up to his final competition. He stated, “I’ve really been trying to make the absolute most of it so going through the training I feel like in a lot of ways I’ve put more pressure on myself. With every training session, I am trying to think about the fact that it is my last opportunity on that day to get better for the contest, so I have certainly pushed myself very hard.”

Shaw also discussed the different stages of his career and what motivated him throughout his tenure. With 28 wins in the Strongman sport, he explained, “I love just stepping out there and competing and only being able to look at yourself in the mirror whether you are successful or not successful. There was always room to improve and I think that that’s what kept me coming back for all of the years that I’ve competed in strongman. The challenge is always changing.”

Apart from being a competitor, Shaw is also a promoter who takes pride in organizing strongman competitions. The Shaw Classic has become a major attraction within the community due to the complexity and forethought required for its execution. Balancing his responsibilities as an athlete and coordinator, Shaw acknowledged the challenges of putting on the event while also focusing on his training. He expressed confidence in his team’s ability to ensure the event’s success.

Shaw aims to leave a lasting legacy at his final contest, not only as a promoter but also as an athlete. He stated, “I’m so proud of that. It just is huge. It adds so much to our event this year. It’s gonna be written in history, and I want my name to be in history for not only promoting the contest but also for showing up as an athlete.” With his confidence and preparation, Shaw hopes to claim the title of Strongest Man On Earth at the 2023 Shaw Classic.

While athletes typically focus solely on their performance during competitions, Shaw revealed that he intends to savor every moment at the Shaw Classic to create lasting memories of his final performance. He emphasized the importance of taking in the experience and realizing the significance of his last time competing in Strongman.

The Strongman community wishes Brian Shaw the best of luck at the 2023 Shaw Classic. Regardless of the outcome, Shaw’s career will be remembered as one of the greatest in the sport’s history.

To get an inside look at what is to come at the 2023 Shaw Classic, watch Brian Shaw’s full video on his YouTube channel.

Published: 17 August 2023 | 6:20 PM EDT

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Stan Quinn
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