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Fit and Fabulous: Erin Stern Reveals Her Must-Have Daily Supplements

2X Figure Olympia champion and IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor Erin Stern has become a source of inspiration for countless individuals on their health and fitness journey. Through her social media accounts, Stern has always been transparent about her nutrition and training. In her latest YouTube video, she shares her top six essential supplements for promoting overall well-being and providing the necessary micronutrients that our bodies often lack in today’s busy world.

Stern begins her list with Mega D3 K2, often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin.” She reveals that she personally discovered a deficiency in Vitamin D through bloodwork. However, she advises her viewers to get their own bloodwork done to determine if they would benefit from this supplement. Stern educates her audience on the symbiotic relationship between K2 and D3, which prevents the deposition of calcium in arteries and soft tissues.

Next on Stern’s list is Magnesium Glycinate. She shares that if she stops taking this supplement, she experiences low-grade headaches, indicating that her body becomes depleted of Magnesium when under stress or intense training. Stern explains that Magnesium Glycinate helps her sleep well, but she cautions against using Magnesium Citrate and Magnesium Oxide, as they may cause stomach discomfort.

Moving on, Stern highlights Collagen as an essential supplement. She explains that Collagen not only promotes healthy hair and nail growth but also plays a crucial role in connective tissues. Stern prefers taking Collagen on an empty stomach in the morning, as it contains Vitamin C, which aids in assimilation and collagen production.

Creatine is the next supplement on Stern’s list. She personally prefers taking it in tablet form rather than as a powder. Stern emphasizes that aside from its well-known benefits for muscle gain and recovery, creatine has also been proven to have cognitive advantages. As the most extensively researched supplement on the market, it is a staple for many athletes.

Protein is a crucial component of a bodybuilder’s life, and Stern discusses her preference for beef protein. She mentions that high-quality whey protein is difficult to find, so she opts for beef protein, specifically beef organ powder, to meet her protein intake. Beef protein offers a complete profile of essential amino acids necessary for muscle hypertrophy and recovery.

In addition to her top six supplements, Stern provides honorable mentions for three other supplements that she finds beneficial. Serrapeptase, a protein-digesting enzyme, aids in muscle inflammation, pain relief, and edema. N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), an antioxidant, supports respiratory functions and boosts immunity. Contrary to popular belief, Stern also enjoys consuming probiotics as they help with digestive issues.

Concluding her video, Stern hints at a potential venture into the track and field arena as her next goal. She leaves her viewers with the anticipation of what’s to come.

Published: 2 August 2023 | 4:21 PM EDT

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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