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From Strongman to Suplexes: Eddie Hall Dominates in Epic Wrestling Debut!

English strongman legend Eddie Hall has made a surprising career move by venturing into the world of professional wrestling. The retired strongman, known for his incredible feats of strength, surprised his son and fans with his pro wrestling debut at Megaslam in the UK. Hall, who rose to prominence in the 2010s, dominated the regional UK circuit, winning multiple titles including UK’s Strongest Man, Britain’s Strongest Man, and England’s Strongest Man. He qualified for the World’s Strongest Man contest in 2012 and secured the coveted title in 2017 by defeating fellow legends Hafthor Bjornsson and Brian Shaw. Hall made history in 2016 by becoming the first athlete to deadlift an astonishing 500 kg (1,102 pounds). Since retiring from strongman competitions, Hall has explored various sports, including boxing and bodybuilding.

In March 2022, Hall faced off against Hafthor Bjornsson in a highly anticipated boxing match. The 6’2″ behemoth underwent a significant weight loss transformation for the bout but ultimately lost by unanimous decision. Inspired by the performances of bodybuilding champions Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay and Chris Bumstead at the 2022 Mr. Olympia, Hall set his sights on competitive bodybuilding. He sought guidance from IFBB Pro Jamie Christian-Johal and legendary bodybuilder Jay Cutler to develop his physique and learn the techniques necessary for bodybuilding success. Hall also trained alongside powerlifting sensation Larry Wheels to refine their shoulder development. He further honed his skills with the help of seven-time Men’s 212 division champion Flex Lewis and professional bodybuilding posing coach Emma Heineman.

In a recent YouTube video, Hall shocked his son and fans by announcing his pro wrestling debut at Megaslam in the UK. Participating in the Royal Rumble, Hall emerged victorious, leaving the audience in awe of his wrestling abilities. He embraced the role of a heel character and showcased his strength by overpowering his opponents. At one point, Hall was held by a wrestler but managed to break free with a display of his immense power.

Hall’s foray into pro wrestling has opened up new opportunities for him, including a role in the upcoming film Expendables 4, where he was seen being launched over a bar by legendary filmmaker Sylvester Stallone in the trailer. Alongside his wrestling endeavors, Hall has been updating fans on his bodybuilding journey, sharing physique updates and his plans to enter the cutting phase in the coming weeks.

Hall’s willingness to explore different disciplines highlights his versatility and determination to challenge himself. Fans eagerly anticipate his debut on the bodybuilding stage and are excited to witness his continued success in his various ventures.

Watch the full video of Eddie Hall’s surprise pro wrestling debut below.

Published: 1 August 2023 | 4:50 PM EDT

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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