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Leveling the Physique Playing Field: Tyler Manion Introduces Game-Changing Weight Rules to Empower Shorter Athletes

New Weight Rules Introduced for Men’s Classic Physique Division in Bodybuilding

In a significant development in the world of bodybuilding, Tyler Manion, the Vice President of IFBB Pro League, has announced new weight rules for the Men’s Classic Physique division. In an Instagram post, Manion confirmed that athletes of all heights will receive an increase of 2-7 pounds to their allotted weight. This change aims to address the disadvantage faced by shorter competitors who were previously overshadowed by their taller counterparts.

The introduction of these new weight rules has sparked curiosity among fans regarding their impact on the future of the division, which is currently dominated by four-time Classic Physique Olympia champion, Chris Bumstead. Standing at 6’1″, Bumstead has enjoyed a size advantage over shorter athletes in the category. However, with the new rules in place, it appears that the playing field could be leveled.

Among the top beneficiaries of the new weight rules are athletes with shorter statures, such as Terrence Ruffin. Over the years, weight and height restrictions have posed challenges for some competitors. Last December, former two-time Classic Physique Olympia winner, Breon Ansley, announced his exit from the category due to the weight cap. Ansley plans to compete as a 212 competitor but has yet to qualify for the Olympia in the new division. He has promised fans an additional ten pounds of muscle in his next outing.

The extra few pounds provided by the new weight rules could prove to be a game-changer, as exemplified by Ramon Queiroz, who initially missed weight at last year’s Olympia. The additional weight allowance might prevent such occurrences in the future.

Tyler Manion’s official statement on the matter reads as follows: “We’re going to be upping our Classic Physique weights for the Pros slightly, going into effect immediately at the upcoming Pro shows this weekend. We took a look and realized that one height grouping had a little bit of an advantage over other height groups. This height grouping is over 6’1″ and up to and including 6’2″. The weight jumped from the previous weight goes up to 10 pounds. All the middle height classes and all the other height classes basically go up by either seven or eight pounds. The lowest height divisions only go up by five pounds. So, what we’ve decided to do was we’re giving the two pounds to the over 6’1″ including 6’2″. So, they also get a little bit of a weight increase. The lowest height classes will be getting seven additional pounds. This will include the two-pound jump that the over 6’1″ up to including 6’2″ got,” explained IFBB VP Tyler Manion.

To ensure fairness and accuracy, the IFBB Pro League plans to measure the height of each competitor on three separate occasions, take the average, and use that number as their permanent height for contests. This approach aims to address previous issues with recording athletes’ heights.

The bodybuilding community has reacted swiftly to this major news. Tyler Manion’s Instagram post received numerous comments from bodybuilders expressing their thoughts and gratitude for the changes.

In addition to the new weight rules in the Men’s Classic Physique division, Tyler Manion announced in June that new height and weight restrictions will be implemented in Men’s Physique at the first contest following the 2023 Mr. Olympia, scheduled to take place from November 2-5 in Orlando, Florida. Manion explained that these changes are intended to prevent athletes from becoming excessively large.

While athletes appreciate the adjustments made to the Classic Physique division, only time will tell how these new rules will impact its growth and direction.

Published: 2 August 2023 | 11:14 AM EDT

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