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Nathan De Asha Drops Bombshell: “Unprecedented Dryness and Size Await in Upcoming Contest

Nathan De Asha, a prominent figure in the UK bodybuilding scene, is set to make his return to the stage in less than a month. In a recent interview on the Bodybuilding University Podcast, De Asha discussed his plans for 2023, his upcoming show, his current physique, and the issue of pay in the sport. Known for his massive arms and imposing presence, De Asha quickly became a fan favorite in the Men’s Open division. His charisma and stage presence have played a significant role in his success.

In 2021, De Asha had an exceptional season, winning three consecutive shows: the Europa Pro Championships, the Arnold Classic UK, and the Yamamoto Cup Pro. At the Arnold Classic, he defeated top competitors such as Samson Dauda, who went on to win the 2023 Arnold Classic in March. However, De Asha’s plans to compete at the 2022 Arnold Classic were derailed by a bicep injury. Despite his setback, fans were hopeful for his return, but another bicep tear prevented him from qualifying for the Olympia.

With his sights set on qualifying for the 2023 Mr. Olympia, De Asha is now focused on his upcoming competitions. He plans to compete at the Tsunami Cup in Italy, followed by another contest in Alicante, Spain. While he expressed interest in competing in France, he acknowledged that it may not be feasible due to the need to maintain momentum for Olympia qualification.

De Asha has been diligently preparing for his upcoming competitions, and he believes he is in better condition than ever before. He emphasized his sharpness and stated that he only stops posing five weeks out from a competition. He has also adjusted his cardio routine to improve his midsection control.

In addition to his bodybuilding endeavors, De Asha has been working on opening a second gym. He explained that he sees bodybuilding as more than just a sport and is focused on building a business for his future. While he acknowledged that being in Kuwait could potentially offer more focus, he is content with his current situation.

Looking ahead to his upcoming competition, De Asha expressed confidence in his physique. He believes that he will look like a top-seven Olympian on stage in less than a month. He emphasized the importance of competing against individuals in top shape and expressed his satisfaction with his progress.

During the podcast, De Asha also addressed the issue of pay in bodybuilding. He argued that the expenses involved in the sport, such as travel, clothing, food, and supplements, make it as financially rewarding as working at a fast-food chain like McDonald’s. He highlighted the high costs associated with competing, including flights, accommodation, and taxes, which significantly impact the earnings of bodybuilders. De Asha believes that the lack of financial incentives is a major reason why there are fewer competitors in the Open division.

He pointed out that in the 1990s, the prize money for bodybuilding shows was much higher, and the increase in IFBB membership fees has further impacted the financial aspect of the sport. De Asha emphasized that many athletes now approach bodybuilding as a business and are more selective about the shows they compete in.

De Asha concluded the interview by reflecting on the decline in the quality of lineups in recent years. He noted that even top competitors like Dexter Jackson and Roelly Winklaar were more active in the past, participating in multiple shows. He questioned whether the physical toll on the body is worth it, considering the current state of the sport.

In addition to his podcast appearances, De Asha has also collaborated with other athletes, including strongman legends Tom and Luke Stoltman. They recently engaged in a “bodybuilding versus strongman” workout, testing each other’s leg press strength.

As De Asha prepares for his upcoming competitions, fans eagerly await his return to the stage. With his impressive physique and determined mindset, he is sure to make an impact in the bodybuilding world once again.

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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