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REGAN GRIMES: KO PRO Egypt Winner 2021


Regan Grimes from Canada one of the best looking physique got his own balance of size and condition, has recently got third place in Legion pro after Shaun Clarida and Sergio Oliva Jr. he was able to secure his first place in KO PRO the competition which is held by KO SQUAD and the owner Islam Kortam

ISLAM KORTAM (C.E.O. and co-founder of KO PRO, KO SQUAD)

Islam Kortam has done a tremendous job of bringing the best show in Egypt which is actually two shows in on, Olympia Amateur Egypt and KO PRO which are held in the same event one for amateurs and one for Pros and it has been one of the most successful events so far he also sponsored all the Pros in Egypt under his company KO SQUAD he is also the owner of SAPESCO (Sahara Petroleum services)

Regan Grimes was able to put some size post the Legion pro 2021 he was the best shape on stage however there was bigger guys but they lacked condition, shaaban came with a mass but he lacked some definition especially on his back and hamstring, also IFBB PRO SAMSON came on very conditioned but he needed some size especially on the quads and calves, I can say the competition was tough

some of the top guy has not placed at all like IFBB PRO Mohamed Fouda who trains in Dubai in Binous Gym and also Big Galal who trains with George Farah has also come with the top condition but still was not able to place also you have IFBB PRO Khaled Awny who got his pro card last year was not able to be among the top

Regan is now qualified for the Olympia 2022 and he is smart that he has done that while he is just finished the Olympia 2021 so no extra preparations needed

Congratulation Regan Grimes for the great victory

Mohammed Riad
Mohammed Riad
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