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Thrilling Showdown at the 2023 Shaw Classic: Live Updates Unveil Spectacular Results!

The highly anticipated 2023 Shaw Classic has finally arrived, and it is set to be one of the biggest Strongman competitions of the year. Taking place in Loveland, Colorado, over two days on August 19-20, this is the fourth edition of the Shaw Classic and it promises to be the most exciting one yet. With four World’s Strongest Man champions and a host of elite Strongman athletes competing, the competition is sure to be fierce.

Day one of the Shaw Classic consists of four events: the Log Medley, Wheelbarrow/Arm Over Arm, Car Leg Press, and Atlas Stones. A strong performance on day one is crucial for those aiming for a high placing on the final day. This year, the athletes have an additional incentive to perform well, as the winner of the competition will officially be crowned as the Strongest Man On Earth. Brian Shaw, who recently trademarked this title, hopes to add it to his resume in his final professional appearance.

The first event of the 2023 Shaw Classic was the Log Medley, which tested the athletes’ overhead strength. They faced three progressively heavier logs and had to choose one that they believed suited them best. The goal was to perform as many repetitions as possible with their chosen log. However, athletes who managed even one rep with the heavier log were placed higher than those who performed multiple reps with the lighter log. Trey Mitchell emerged victorious in this event, completing two repetitions with the heaviest log in the fastest time. As the reigning 2x Shaw Classic champion, Mitchell is looking to claim his third consecutive title.

In the second event, the athletes faced the Wheelbarrow/Arm Over Arm challenge, which tested their endurance. They had to load sandbags into a massive wheelbarrow and push it for a set distance before performing an arm-over-arm weighted rope pull. More information and results for this event will be available soon.

The Car Leg Press event, which made its debut at last year’s Shaw Classic, was the third event of the day. Athletes had to perform as many reps as possible on a custom Leg Press machine. More information and results for this event will be available soon.

Breaking from tradition, the Atlas Stones event was moved to day one for the 2023 Shaw Classic. Athletes had to lift and load a series of Atlas Stones onto their respective platforms. More information and results for this event will be available soon.

The final day of the Shaw Classic will feature another four events, after which the champion will be crowned. In addition to the Strongman competition, the Shaw Classic is also showcasing other exciting shows, including Arm Wrestling, the Shaw Classic Open division, and Grip Feats of Strength. It promises to be a thrilling weekend of strength and athleticism.

For those unable to attend the Shaw Classic in person, there are options to watch the competition online. Stay tuned for more updates and results as the 2023 Shaw Classic unfolds.

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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