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Tragic Live Stream: Bodybuilder’s Instagram Horror Ends in Tragedy, Claiming Three Lives

A horrific incident took place on August 11th in Bosnia & Herzegovina, where a local fitness coach and bodybuilding competitor, Nermin Sulejmanović, went on a murderous rampage. His first victim was his wife, whom he brutally killed while live-streaming the entire crime on Instagram. Sulejmanović then proceeded to kill two more people and injure others. Prior to the act, he went on a rant during the Instagram live, declaring, “Now you’ll see what a murder looks like.” He then shot his wife in the head, with their child crying in the background. Fortunately, his Instagram profile has since been taken down, rendering the video inaccessible.

After murdering his wife, Sulejmanović went outside and killed a man and his son. He then attempted to harm more individuals. In a subsequent Instagram live, conducted in a remote location, the bodybuilder revealed the identities of his victims. He also claimed that his wife had recently reported him to the police, which seemingly motivated his heinous actions. In an exclusive statement, he confessed, “I killed a father and a son, I killed the haters. I killed my wife, that is what happens when you report me to the police.”

During his second Instagram live, Sulejmanović displayed blood on his face, asserting that it belonged to his victims, not himself. He brandished his bloodied gun and expressed his desire to kill more people, stating, “I’m waiting to reload my gun and to go on, I have more people to kill.” Following the killings, he posted disturbing pictures on Instagram, featuring himself, his wife, and their child, accompanied by appalling captions.

Reports indicate that Sulejmanović ultimately decided to commit suicide after being surrounded by the police in a remote location. It is truly shocking that an individual with a career in bodybuilding, who had achieved success in competitions such as the IFBB Diamond Cup Prague and IFBB Balkan Cup, could perpetrate such heinous acts. Furthermore, he was also a fitness coach and owned a gym. However, it is important to note that he had previously been apprehended for violent crimes and had shared pictures of himself being taken away by the police.

In light of this vile crime, Fitness Volt extends our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the victims. We can only hope for a complete recovery and healing for those who were wounded and traumatized by this monstrous man.

Published: 11 August 2023 | 10:51 AM EDT

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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