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Unlock Massive Gains with Jeff Nippard’s Science-Based “Perfect” Leg Workout

Fitness expert Jeff Nippard recently released the latest installment of his push-pull-leg training series, focusing on a lower body and abs workout based on minimalist training principles. Nippard, a Canadian fitness expert known for his scientific approach to bodybuilding and fitness, began his fitness journey at the age of ten, inspired by his bodybuilding parents. He has since become an accomplished natural bodybuilder and powerlifter, winning titles such as Junior Mr. Canada in 2012 and the WNBF Natural Muscle Mayhem overall champion in 2014. Nippard’s extensive knowledge comes from years of training and a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. He shares his expertise through research-backed YouTube videos, covering a wide range of topics in the fitness industry.

In his recent video, Nippard explores the potential of minimalist training philosophy and creates a training program based on it. He also addresses diet-related topics, such as boosting metabolism and sustainable weight management strategies. Additionally, he delves into the controversial subject of steroid use in bodybuilding, discussing the impact of performance-enhancing drugs on muscle growth and the associated health risks.

Nippard’s most recent video focuses on the second leg day of his six-part push-pull-day workout series. He begins by emphasizing the importance of warming up before a workout to prevent injuries and prepare the muscles and joints for intense exercise. He suggests spending five to ten minutes on a treadmill or Stairmaster to increase blood flow and mentally prepare for the workout. Dynamic stretches, such as leg swings, can also improve hip mobility and reduce the risk of injury.

The central heavy compound lift in Nippard’s lower body workout is the deadlift. He advises gradually building up to the working weight through a warm-up pyramid, which includes sets with a percentage of the working weight. Nippard notes that the conventional and sumo deadlift variations are both acceptable, depending on individual preference. He also suggests using a trap bar or swapping the deadlift for barbell hip thrusts or Bulgarian split squats to emphasize different muscle groups.

Nippard emphasizes the importance of taking the deadlift top set to an RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) of eight or nine, leaving one or two reps in the tank. He explains that since the volume is lower in this set, it is crucial to push closer to failure. However, he also advises against making the set too difficult to avoid interfering with the remaining leg volume in the workout.

For those looking to increase deadlift strength, Nippard suggests following the linear periodization method, which involves decreasing rep volume as the weight on the bar increases. This method typically involves dropping one rep each week over a six-week period. The final week is a deload week, where lighter weights are used.

After the heavy top set of deadlifts, Nippard recommends performing two back-off sets of stiff leg deadlifts. He suggests using around 50 to 60 percent of the working weight used for the deadlift top set. Nippard advises beginners to start with lighter weights and avoid training close to failure until they feel comfortable with the technique. Stiff leg deadlifts focus on keeping the hips high, knees straight, and initiating the pull by hinging at the hips.

The leg press is the next exercise in Nippard’s lower body workout. This compound movement targets all major lower body muscles but is particularly effective for building quads. Nippard suggests performing the leg press after the stiff leg deadlifts. He does not provide specific details on sets and reps for this exercise.

Nippard concludes his video by mentioning that the remaining leg exercises, such as lunges and hamstring curls, will be covered in future installments of his push-pull-leg training series.

Overall, Jeff Nippard’s lower body and abs workout based on minimalist training principles provides fitness enthusiasts with a comprehensive and scientifically-backed approach to achieving their goals. Whether you’re looking to build strength or hypertrophy, Nippard’s expertise and attention to detail make his workouts a valuable resource for anyone in the fitness community.

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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