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Unstoppable Irish Powerhouse Russel Orhii Smashes Bench Press PR, Setting the Stage for an Epic IPF Comeback

Russel Orhii, one of the greatest powerlifters in the 83-kilogram weight class, has been relatively inactive in terms of competitions this year. However, his training sessions have been intense, and he is stronger than ever. This is evident from his recent impressive feats of strength, including a new 212.5-kilogram (468.4-pound) bench press personal record (PR). What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that Russel performed the lift raw, using only wrist wraps. Despite facing significant challenges, Russel maintained perfect technique, showcasing why he is considered one of the world’s best powerlifters.

Russel Orhii’s decision to leave the USAPL (USA Powerlifting) and return to the IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) is a significant development in his career. The context of this decision is crucial, as Russel was previously a part of the IPF but had been competing exclusively in the USAPL for the past few years. The two federations were once connected but split up due to disagreements. Athletes had to choose one federation to compete in, and Russel initially chose the USAPL. However, he now believes that returning to the IPF is the right move for him to pursue his goal of becoming a world champion powerlifter once again.

In a recent YouTube video, Russel explained his reasoning behind leaving the USAPL. He expressed his desire to be part of bigger competitions, as he was previously only attracted to the USAPL Nationals. He acknowledged that the IPF has made significant progress and offers more opportunities for him to compete at a higher level. Russel’s decision to leave the USAPL means he had to withdraw from the upcoming USAPL Nationals and shift his focus to the IPF as soon as possible.

The split between the USAPL and IPF also had implications for the qualification process for the World Championships. Previously, athletes from the USA qualified for the IPF World Championships through the USAPL Nationals. However, with the split, the IPF had to establish an affiliate called Powerlifting America (AMP), which now organizes their Nationals as a qualifying event. Russel explained that if he were to compete in the USAPL Nationals, he would have to serve a six-month suspension, which would make him eligible to compete in the IPF World Championships in April 2024. However, by that time, the AMP Nationals, which serve as a qualifier for the 2024 IPF Worlds, would have already taken place.

One consequence of Russel Orhii’s situation is that he will not have participated in any sanctioned competitions in 2023. This is a rarity for him, as the last time he did not compete in a sanctioned event was in 2020. However, fans will soon have the opportunity to see him in action at the 2024 Powerlifting America (AMP) Nationals, IPF World Championships, IPF World Games, and IPF Sheffield.

Russel Orhii’s competition history showcases his remarkable achievements in powerlifting. He has set personal bests in the squat, bench press, deadlift, and total. His raw personal bests include a squat of 749.6 kilograms, a bench press of 429.9 kilograms, and a deadlift of 749.6 kilograms. These impressive numbers have contributed to his success in various competitions, including the USAPL Korea Winter Showdown, where he claimed first place with a total of 1951.1 kilograms.

Russel Orhii’s decision to leave the USAPL and return to the IPF marks an exciting new chapter in his powerlifting career. With his incredible strength and determination, he is poised to make a significant impact in future competitions. Fans eagerly await his upcoming performances and are excited to witness his journey back to becoming a world champion powerlifter.

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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