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Unstoppable Irish Powerlifter Jonathan Garcia Crushes World Record with Mind-Blowing 275.5-kg Raw Squat!

Jonathan Garcia Sets New World Record at NAPF North American Championships

There is always a buzz of activity in the powerlifting community, with athletes constantly pushing their limits and achieving incredible feats. Jonathan Garcia, a powerlifter from the Cayman Islands, recently made headlines at the 2023 NAPF 20th Annual North American Championships by setting a new world record in the squat.

Competing in the 66-kilogram weight class, Garcia built up his squat to an astonishing 275.5 kilograms (607.4 pounds), breaking the previous IPF Raw World Record. He had a flawless performance, crushing his first two attempts before aiming for the record-breaking weight on his third and final attempt.

As the weight was loaded onto the bar, Garcia sought encouragement from the crowd, asking, “Do you want to see it?” With the audience cheering him on, he managed to lock out the 275.5-kilogram (607.4-pound) squat and secure a new world record. This remarkable lift also improved Garcia’s own U66KG IPF Raw Squat World Record, which he set at the 2022 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships.

Garcia’s performance at the NAPF Championships was outstanding overall. He successfully completed eight out of his nine attempts, only missing his final bench press attempt. However, he stood out as the top athlete in the 66-kilogram weight class, lifting the heaviest weights in all events. This dominant performance earned him a convincing gold medal.

In addition to his record-breaking squat, Garcia also set new personal records in the squat and total competition. He equaled his deadlift PR as well. If he had managed to lock out his third bench press, it would have been the most he has ever lifted in competition. His lifts at the NAPF Championships were as follows:

– 255 kilograms (562 pounds)
– 268 kilograms (591 pounds)
– 275.5 kilograms (607 pounds) – U66KG IPF World Record

Bench Press:
– 160 kilograms (353 pounds)
– 170 kilograms (375 pounds)
– Unsuccessful – 178 kilograms (392 pounds)

– 235 kilograms (518 pounds)
– 247.5 kilograms (546 pounds)
– 257.5 kilograms (568 pounds)

Total: 703 kilograms (1,549 pounds)

Garcia’s journey in powerlifting began in 2015, and he has since competed in 19 sanctioned events, winning 12 of them. His breakthrough came last year when he secured a spot at the 2022 IPF World Championships and claimed a silver medal. However, he did not qualify for this year’s IPF Worlds, as Brian Le took his spot by defeating him at the 2023 AMP Nationals.

Nevertheless, Garcia’s recent world record and victory demonstrate his unwavering motivation to make a comeback and qualify for the IPF Worlds next year. He has ample time to prepare, as he will need to win the Nationals next year to secure his spot. His progress is already evident, and we hope to see him add even more weight to his total as he continues to train and compete.

Jonathan Garcia’s remarkable achievement at the NAPF North American Championships has solidified his status as one of the top powerlifters in the world. His dedication, strength, and determination serve as an inspiration to athletes everywhere, and we eagerly anticipate his future successes in the sport.

Watch Jonathan Garcia’s record-breaking lift and all his impressive performances at the NAPF Championships on the provided links.

Published: 15 August 2023 | 3:00 PM EDT

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