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Unveiling the Victors: Nashville Fit Show 2023 Pro Results and Scorecard Revealed!

A highly competitive Bikini lineup took the stage this past weekend (August 19) at the 2023 Nashville Fit Show Pro, held in Nashville, Tennessee. This event served as a qualifier for the prestigious Olympia competition. Athletes from all divisions of the IFBB Pro League have until October 9 to secure their qualifications, as the sport’s most prominent event of the year approaches. Unlike previous years, where a point system determined qualifications, the reduced number of shows has made it more challenging for athletes to guarantee their passage to the Mr. Olympia competition. This year, the Mr. Olympia competition will be moving from Las Vegas, Nevada to Orlando, Florida. Competitors will gather at the Orange County Convention Center from November 2-5 to compete for historic prize money and prestige.

Ariana Brothers emerged as the victor this weekend, impressing the judges during both the prejudging and the finals. While facing stiff competition from other athletes, Ariana Brothers will now have the opportunity to challenge the reigning Bikini Olympia champion, Maureen Blanquisco, in less than 12 weeks.

The results of the 2023 Nashville Fit Show Pro Bikini competition are as follows:
– First Place: Ariana Brothers
– Second Place: Alexandra Vatthauer
– Third Place: Lizzie Martinez
– Fourth Place: Rhoda Allie
– Fifth Place: Elizabeth Cunningham
– Sixth Place: Kateryna Kauffmann
– Seventh Place: Erin Mahon
– Eighth Place: Maya Astabie
– Ninth Place: Lauren Kralovec
– Tenth Place: Laura Moore-Shay

We at Fitness Volt extend our congratulations to Ariana Brothers and wish her the best of luck at the upcoming Mr. Olympia show!

Published: 19 August, 2023 | 11:48 PM EDT

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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