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Get Ripped at Home: Unleash Your Inner Strength with a DIY Bench Press!

Irish Journalist: How to Build Your Own DIY Bench Press

The bench press is a popular piece of gym equipment used for building upper body strength and developing a barrel chest. While most commercial gyms have dedicated bench press setups, they can be quite expensive for those who train in their garage gyms. However, you don’t need an expensive bench press to achieve your fitness goals. In fact, you can build a sturdy and cost-effective DIY bench press in your own garage. In this article, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to build a wooden DIY bench press, along with a list of materials and tools needed for the project.

Before you begin building your DIY bench press, it’s important to have all the necessary materials and tools in order. For this project, you will need 2x4x8′ wooden boards, 3/4″ plywood, wood screws, closed cell foam, fabric, and optional paint. In terms of tools, you will require a tape measure, drill, miter saw, staple gun, nail gun, skill saw, gloves, and safety glasses. These materials and tools can be found at any hardware store or purchased online.

It’s essential to start any DIY project with a plan. Most bench presses have similar dimensions, with a standard weight bench being 15-19 inches wide and 50-55 inches long. The barbell stand is typically around 50 inches tall and 48 inches wide, with the bar rack positioned approximately 40 inches from the floor. In this DIY bench press setup, the weight bench and barbell rack are joined together for added stability. However, keep in mind that this design may make the bench press less portable, so it’s important to have a dedicated space for it in your garage gym. Feel free to adjust the dimensions of the bench according to your body measurements, as a bench press that doesn’t suit your body won’t be effective.

Building a DIY bench press requires prior experience working with handyman tools. If you’re not comfortable with the process, you can have a carpenter prepare the materials according to your specifications and then assemble them yourself. This approach will give you the confidence to tackle future DIY projects on your own.

Building a DIY bench press can be time-intensive, with the project taking anywhere from three to six hours to complete. However, experienced individuals can finish it within four hours.

Now let’s dive into the step-by-step process of building your own DIY bench press:

Step One: Build the Base
– Cut one 2×4′ wood block to a length of 48 inches and another piece to 24 inches using a skill saw.
– Use a miter saw to chamfer the edges of the 24-inch piece at 45 degrees on both ends.
– Chamfer one end of the 48-inch piece.
– Attach the unchamfered end of the 48-inch piece to the 24-inch piece, 12 3/4″ from the front edge, using 2 1/2″ wood screws.
– Repeat this process for the second set, and you will have your base and post.

Step Two: Add Support for the Base
– Cut two wood pieces to 10 3/4″ lengths with 45-degree chamfers on both ends.
– Use these pieces to support the shorter side of the post and secure them with 2 1/2″ wood screws.
– If the wood is too dry, pre-drill the holes to prevent cracking.

Step Three: Connecting the Base
– Cut two wood blocks to be 3 inches in length and attach them to the front side of both posts using wood screws or nail guns.
– Cut another 2×4′ wood block to a 48-inch plank.
– Set the stands 48 inches apart and place the plank over the 3-inch blocks.
– Use two 2 1/2″ wood screws on each side to attach the 48-inch piece to the posts.
– Ensure that these pieces are securely bolted, as they will support the bar.

Step Four: Build and Attach the Weight Bench
– Cut a piece of 3/4″ plywood to 49″x10″ dimensions.
– Attach the plywood to the top of the base using wood screws or nail guns.
– Cut a piece of closed cell foam to fit the plywood and cover it with fabric, securing it with staples.
– Optional: Paint the bench press according to your preference.

By following these steps, you can successfully build a DIY bench press in your garage. Remember to take necessary safety precautions and work carefully with the tools. Once completed, you’ll have a cost-effective and sturdy weight bench to enhance your training routine.

Building your own DIY bench press not only saves money but also provides a sense of accomplishment and customization. Now, it’s time to start building and enjoy the benefits of a homemade gym equipment.

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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