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Jay Cutler’s Jaw-Dropping Leg Day Triumph: From Fit-for-50 Transformation to Unstoppable Beast

Jay Cutler, the renowned bodybuilder known for his impressive lower body, has recently shared a leg day workout routine in a YouTube video. Cutler, who famously dethroned Ronnie Coleman to claim the Mr. Olympia title in 2006, is highly respected in the bodybuilding community for his work ethic and success on the stage. He has defeated top competitors such as Phil Heath, Kai Greene, and Dexter Jackson, making his appearances true spectacles. Cutler is the only man in history to win back an Open Mr. Olympia title that was surrendered. In addition to his four Mr. Olympia gold medals, he has also won three Arnold Classic titles. His retirement in 2013 did not diminish his influence on the sport, and his opinions about bodybuilding are still sought after.

Recently, Cutler underwent a transformation for his 50th birthday, and he is now sharing his knowledge and workout routines with fans. In his latest video, he focuses on his leg day routine, which helped him develop his iconic quad stomp. The workout consists of various exercises targeting different muscle groups in the lower body. Cutler starts with standing single leg machine hamstring curls, aiming for around 12 reps to achieve a pump in his hamstrings. He then moves on to dumbbell stiff leg deadlifts, performing three sets and pyramiding up in weight while keeping the rep range at 12. Cutler emphasizes engaging his glutes and hamstrings during this exercise.

Next, Cutler demonstrates seated machine hamstring curls, using a weight of 145 pounds and maintaining the same rep range of 12. He explains that the pump he gets during his workouts is important to him and serves as a gauge of his progress. Cutler then moves on to walking barbell lunges, which he finds to be more beneficial for achieving a pump in his legs. He follows this with lying machine hamstring curls, performing three sets and increasing the weight to 110 and 125 pounds.

The workout continues with seated machine leg extensions and inverted machine leg presses. Cutler highlights the importance of foot placement on the leg press machine, as it can target different muscle groups. He then demonstrates machine front squats, aiming for 10 reps with a heavier weight. The workout concludes with unilateral machine leg presses, which engage the glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

After completing the leg day workout, Cutler reflects on his nutrition and meal frequency. He mentions that during his 12-week transformation, he was eating six meals a day but acknowledges that maintaining that frequency may not be sustainable for him. He plans to aim for five meals a day instead. Cutler expresses satisfaction with the leg workout and his ability to narrate the entire routine.

As the 2023 Mr. Olympia approaches, competitors are entering the more challenging weeks of contest prep. Cutler’s physique updates, showcasing his impressive quad development at the age of 50, have garnered attention from fans and fellow bodybuilders. Although Cutler has no plans for a comeback at the moment, he continues to prioritize his fitness and remains an inspiration to many.

In conclusion, Jay Cutler’s leg day workout routine provides valuable insight into his training methods and techniques. His dedication to maintaining his physique even in retirement is evident, and fans eagerly anticipate any future transformations he may undergo. Cutler’s expertise and influence in the bodybuilding world make him a respected figure, and his workouts are a valuable resource for those looking to improve their own fitness journeys.

Watch the full video from the JayCutlerTV YouTube channel below:

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