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Muscle Madness: Kali Muscle and Influencer Big Boy Crush 100 Straight Burpee Challenge!

Kali Muscle, the renowned fitness influencer and bodybuilder, has never been one to back down from a challenge. From crazy diet fads to ambitious fitness goals, Muscle has always been dedicated to improving his health. Recently, he teamed up with fellow bodybuilding influencer Big Boy to take on the 100 burpee challenge, as documented in a YouTube video. Both Muscle and Big Boy were up for the challenge, with Muscle stating, “It’s my cup of tea right here,” and Big Boy adding, “This is my cup of coffee right here.”

However, Muscle’s journey to success hasn’t always been smooth. He had a difficult start in life, serving time in jail when he was younger. But he managed to turn his life around and found success as a fitness influencer and bodybuilder. With a massive following across multiple platforms, Muscle regularly shares his workout and diet tips with his fans. Unfortunately, in 2021, he suffered a heart attack due to a clogged artery. Since then, Muscle has been committed to raising awareness about the dangers of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). His focus has shifted towards longevity and adopting healthier diets.

In his pursuit of better health, Muscle recently embarked on a watermelon-only diet, resulting in significant weight loss. He also undertook a six-day water-only fast, shedding a total of nine pounds. Now, his latest venture involved teaming up with Big Boy for a grueling burpee challenge. Both influencers pushed each other to complete 100 straight burpees, and despite a few moments of wavering momentum, they managed to conquer the challenge without much difficulty.

After completing the challenge, Muscle sat down to reflect and enjoy his one meal of the day. He revealed that he usually snacks on fruit throughout the day, emphasizing the importance of a healthy diet. Muscle’s unique approach to nutrition includes incorporating mushrooms into his meals and avoiding excessive consumption of pineapple. He finds satisfaction in his current program, stating, “So this would be my like my only meal. The rest of the day I just eat fruit.”

Interestingly, Muscle and Big Boy aren’t the only influencers taking part in burpee challenges. Laurie Shaw recently completed 100 burpees every day for a month and documented his results. Although he lost a net total of 2.6 pounds, he found the program effective for toning his body. It seems that fitness challenges like these are becoming increasingly popular among influencers, and fans eagerly anticipate Muscle’s next jaw-dropping diet challenge or fitness routine.

Belinda Evans, a news reporter specializing in bodybuilding and general fitness, wrote this article. Evans is deeply passionate about the sport of bodybuilding and enjoys covering industry news for her readers. If you have any questions about this news or any other related topics, feel free to reach out to Belinda Evans by leaving a comment below.

As fitness challenges continue to gain traction, it’s always exciting to come across ones that require no equipment. If you’re up for it, why not give the burpee challenge a try? Stay tuned for more updates from Kali Muscle and his next endeavor.

To watch the full video of the challenge, click the link below.

Published: 9 December 2023 | 1:39 AM EDT

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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