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Seth Feroce Opens Up About Performance-Enhancing Drugs: “No Excuses, It’s Not TRT After Cycling

Bodybuilder Seth Feroce, known for his outspoken nature, recently addressed the topic of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and steroids in one of his YouTube videos. Feroce aimed to dispel misconceptions surrounding TRT and emphasized that the use of steroids is a personal choice. He also shared his thoughts on Trenbolone, a powerful compound often used in bodybuilding. While performance-enhancing drugs have long been used in the sport, Feroce highlighted the health risks associated with their long-term use.

In the wake of the death of bodybuilder Cedric McMillan last year, concerns were raised about the state and direction of the sport. Feroce, a former bodybuilding sensation, took it upon himself to warn aspiring athletes about the dangers of using performance-enhancing drugs. He made it clear that using these compounds could lead to death.

Feroce’s latest YouTube video covers a range of topics related to PEDs (performance-enhancing drugs), including TRT dosages and the side effects of Trenbolone. He began by explaining that TRT dosages vary from person to person, debunking the notion that there is a universal dosage. He also pointed out that the current trend among athletes is to follow a “blast and TRT” protocol, as opposed to the previous “blast and cruise” method.

The negative connotations associated with steroids prevent many young people and influential figures from openly discussing them. Feroce acknowledged this stigma but expressed his support for the increasing number of people getting involved in weightlifting. He emphasized that the decision to use PEDs is a personal one and that others’ opinions should not matter.

While Feroce has issued strong warnings about the use of PEDs, he believes that those who choose to use them should not complain about any negative consequences. He stressed that individuals should be aware of the risks before making the decision to use steroids.

Feroce also clarified that someone who has just finished a cycle cannot claim to be on TRT. He encouraged honesty and criticized those who try to hide their use of steroids while admitting to taking them. He believes that these individuals are aware that most people would be influenced to take the same substances if they knew what they were using.

Lastly, Feroce discussed Trenbolone, a popular but harsh compound in the bodybuilding community. He mentioned that the use of Trenbolone can be detected through its distinct smell. He also described the “tren cough,” a metallic taste in the mouth and uncontrollable coughing that occurs after injecting Trenbolone.

Feroce is not the only bodybuilder to express concerns about Trenbolone. Chris Bumstead, the five-time Classic Physique Olympia champion, has previously described Trenbolone as the only compound he fears due to its toxicity. Former seven-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath also refused to use Trenbolone and insulin throughout his career. However, some bodybuilders, like Nathan De Asha, choose to use Trenbolone year-round.

Given Feroce’s experience in the sport, his opinions on PED use are always intriguing. He hopes that his video will shed light on the differences between cycles and using TRT to stabilize testosterone levels.

Stan Quinn
Stan Quinn
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