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It depends on your target, do you want to lose fat, do you want to be flexible or do you want to just build strength, or do you want to do all together let us find out

What is a typical post-workout?

as you know during a workout you go through a catabolic phase which means your body breakdown muscle tissues during resistance training in order to form a bigger one to adapt to the new load that is how muscles are formed read more

1. Hydration

rehydration is crucial after a workout especially if you have already had a sweat, your body needs to replenish the water and electrolytes so make sure you are drinking enough water intra and post the workout and if you have an electrolyte drink is good too as Gatorade (avoid sugary and fruit juices post-workout)

Gym Hydration

2. Cardio

If your goal is to build muscles, if your goal is to lose fat, if your goal is to eat more you must do cardio post-workout, Cardio is magic, it will raise your fitness level, let your body absorb the food better, help you sleep better, lose fat and build muscles

Read more about Cardio HERE

Cardio elleptical

3. Stretches

The best time to stretch is post-workout because your muscles are warm and elasticity is more, so having a stretch will help you become more flexible but not only that but it also helps the muscle recover faster

Full Body Ten Minute Stretching Routine w/ Bodybuilder Jeff Seid, 13 days  out Meal Prep - YouTube

4. Supplements

there are certain supplements that will help you recover from intense training, so once you are done you must consume immediately Glutamine, BCAA, and Whey Protein those supplements will provide a quick recovery by providing the body with amino acids and protein that it needs to recover the broken muscle tissues
adding a Vitamin C post-workout will help your body recover and reduce your cortisol levels to a minimum
If you need to read more about supplements CLICK HERE

5. Protein Snack

The best protein snack ever post-workout is a protein bar, but pay attention to which one you will be eating because there is plenty of bars out there, so you need a sugar free high protein bar, read more HERE, you can also have a tuna can, a greek yogurt or protein cookies which will help you get a protein fast

6. Meal

even if you already had your supplements or protein bar, that is not enough after 1 hour you still need to have your healthy high protein meal in order to be fully recovered, that meal should have Protein, Carbs, and vegetables, or any sort of fibers

for how to prepare your meals to click HERE

Meal Preps - Gym Junkie Cafe


1. Avoid staying long hours post-workout without a meal even if it is one hour, you are just losing out the whole workout

2. Avoid a lot of effort post-workout, if you have a lot of effort to be done then make your workout after not before

3. Avoid consuming sugar post-workout

4. Avoid coffee immediately post-workout as you need to reduce your cortisol levels

5. Avoid drinking Alcohol post-workout

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Mohammed Riad
Mohammed Riad
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