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How To Re-energize Your Workout And Get Rid Of Fatigue

Ever suffered from fatigue after many months of training?

Sounds familiar! well it seems most of us when we find our body responding keep pushing to get the max out of it without knowing that we are heading to fatigue stress which will make us hit a wall, Your body is not responding, you are training harder as you feel there is no response, you eat more protein and still nothing happens

The Adrenal Fatigue Cure

Unfortunately, Our bodies cannot keep responding the way they did in the beginning,

Think about it like your car, You cannot drive your car with the same performance unless certain maintenance is being done along the way, Your body is the same and is not just eating and sleeping

You just accumulated Fatigue

How To Get Rid Of Fatigue

1. Implement Reactive Deload

Reactive Deload should be done for a complete week, first, you should drop your weight to 50% and your reps should be an average of 8 workout volume also will be dropped to 3 to 4 sets per muscle group, By the way, your fatigue will be dropped significantly

Fatigue symptoms

2. Massage Therapy

There is a tremendous health benefit to getting a massage especially if you are a bodybuilder or just hitting the gym

1. Improve blood circulation
2. Reduce muscle soreness
3. Improve flexibility
4. Speed up muscle recovery

3. Stretching Post Workout

After a workout your muscles are sore and there is a lot to be done to help recoveries like eating protein and resting but to speed up the fatigue caused by the heavy lifting, A stretching has to be done post-workout to increase blood flow

3.1 Glutes Stretches

Stretching your glutes is very important, it will help you push more weights in squats and will increase hip mobility and overall thigh mobility, please follow the pictures below

3.2 Thighs Stretches

Thighs usually get tight quickly from legs workout and sometimes from heavy load cardio such as treadmill, or Stairmaster at that time you need to stretch the quads or the hamstring

Hamstring, Inner Thigh Quad stretch. Perfect stretching for runners. (Y) |  Fitness body, Exercise, Workout

3.3 Back Stretches

Back usually get tight after frequent heavy lats load or even lower back as deadlifts, and when it gets accumulated it can cause massive back pain and get uncomfortable to sit or even walk and that is in extreme cases, so the key message is do not leave your back to reach to that level

A. Lower Back stretches

Pin on Yoga and Stretches
7 Great Stretches for Your Mid-Back | Real Simple

B. Upper Back (Latissimus)

5 min Upper Back Stretches (Beginners) - great if you have back pain or  discomfort right between the shoulder blades : r/Posture
Best Upper Back Stretches (Thoracic Spine Relief) - YouTube

3.4 Shoulder Stretches

The tight shoulder is one of the most popular muscle groups that can cause pain in most workouts, Shoulder mobility is needed in the arms, back, chest exercises so if there is tight mobility it will stop all the upper body , Check below

3.5 Arms Stretches

Arms normally do not get tight quickly due to their fast recovery however after a heavy workout

A. Triceps Stretch

Pin on Stretchs

B. Biceps Stretch

Stretching for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation - Biceps Brachii – Niel Asher  Education
A Bicep Stretch for Complete Flexibility and Warm-up - A Lean Life
Mohammed Riad
Mohammed Riad
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