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Elbow Circles

BeginnerElbow Circles

Elbow Circles is an exercise that can be done while sitting or standing. It helps to stretch and strengthen the shoulders, upper arms, and neck. To do the exercise, start with your feet slightly apart and place your hands on your shoulders with your elbows at shoulder level and pointing out. Then, make slow circles with your elbows, breathing out as you start the circle and breathing in as you finish. This exercise can help increase range of motion and flexibility in the upper body.
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Benefits Of This Exercise

  • Elbow Circles help to stretch and strengthen the shoulders, upper arms, and neck.
  • The exercise can improve range of motion and flexibility in the upper body.
  • It can be done while sitting or standing, making it accessible to people with limited mobility.
  • The circular motion helps to massage the muscles and reduce tension.
  • It helps to improve posture by promoting better mobility and balance.
  • The exercise is low impact and can be done on a regular basis to maintain upper body strength.

Step by Step Instructions For Elbow Circles

  1. Start by positioning yourself in a seated or standing position, ensuring that your feet are slightly apart.
  2. Next, place your hands on your shoulders, making sure that your elbows are at shoulder level and pointing outwards.
  3. Now, begin the exercise by slowly making a circle with your elbows. Remember to exhale as you start the circle and inhale as you complete the circle.

Warm Up Tips

  1. Start by sitting or standing with your feet slightly apart.
  2. Place your hands on your shoulders, with your elbows at shoulder level and pointing out.
  3. Slowly begin making circles with your elbows.
  4. As you start the circle, breathe out.
  5. As you complete the circle, breathe in.
  6. Continue making the circles for a few repetitions.
  7. Focus on maintaining a slow and controlled movement.
  8. Feel the stretch and strengthening in your shoulders, upper arms, and neck.
  9. Pay attention to your breathing, inhaling and exhaling deeply.
  10. Increase the size of the circles gradually as you feel more comfortable.
  11. Listen to your body and stop if you experience any pain or discomfort.
  12. Remember to relax and enjoy the exercise.

Elbow Circles Safety Tips

  1. Warm up before starting the exercise to prepare your muscles.
  2. Start with a comfortable pace and gradually increase the speed as you become more familiar with the movement.
  3. Keep your feet slightly apart to maintain balance and stability.
  4. Make sure to maintain proper posture throughout the exercise by keeping your back straight and shoulders relaxed.
  5. Avoid any jerky or sudden movements that can strain the muscles or joints.
  6. If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop the exercise and consult a healthcare professional.
  7. Remember to breathe in a controlled and steady manner throughout the exercise.
  8. Do not force your range of motion and only go as far as feels comfortable for you.
  9. If you have any pre-existing shoulder or neck injuries, consult with a healthcare professional before attempting this exercise.
  10. Perform the exercise in a safe and open space to avoid any obstacles or hazards.

Incorporating Into Other Workouts

To incorporate Elbow Circles into your workouts, you can add them as a warm-up exercise before engaging in more intense activities. Here are a few ways to do so: 1. Upper Body Warm-up: Begin your workout routine by performing a set of Elbow Circles. This will help loosen up your shoulder joints and prepare your upper body for the upcoming exercises. 2. Superset with Upper Body Exercises: Include Elbow Circles as a superset with other upper body exercises such as push-ups, dumbbell presses, or lateral raises. Perform a set of Elbow Circles between each set of the main exercise to keep your shoulders and arms active and engaged. 3. Active Rest: During your workout, incorporate Elbow Circles as an active rest exercise in between sets of different exercises. This will allow you to continue moving and stretching your upper body while giving your muscles a brief recovery period. 4. Cool-down: After completing your workout, use Elbow Circles as part of your cool-down routine. This will help promote blood flow to your upper body and aid in reducing muscle soreness. Remember to always listen to your body and adjust the intensity and duration of the exercise accordingly. Incorporating Elbow Circles into your workouts can enhance your overall upper body mobility and flexibility.

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