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Weather you want to get lean, get bigger or even get stronger there is a general nutrition info that everyone should follow and then comes tweaks and specific guide lines that needs more attention and it is different from one person to another, there is genetics which do its own role in developing the physique that is why you will learn more during your bodybuilding career through the try and error.

Preparing is your key to success in your bodybuilding nutrition, as you know bodybuilding is different from any other sport because it involves nutrition more than any other sport, in bodybuilding nutrition provide the following

Muscle building, Performance enhancement, Focus, Joints support, Recovery

If you see bodybuilders in the grocery store you should see that there are some items are on the top of their list whenever you go, I know some of let’s see below what is the regular Grocery list, secondary list and food flavor list for any bodybuilders or fitness enthusiast

Basic list:

  1. Eggs
  2. Milk
  3. Yogurt
  4. Meat
  5. Chicken
  6. Fish (Tilapia or white)
  7. Brown bread
  8. Oats
  9. Basmati rice
  10. Sweet potato
  11. Fruits (Apple, bananas, strawberries, berries)
  12. Orange juice
  13. Veggies (tomato, onion, potato, beans, broccoli, pepper, cucumber, lettuce, carrots, asparagus)
  14. Virgin Olive oil
  15. Peanut butter
  16. Nuts
  17. Cottage cheese

Secondary list:

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  1. Protein bars
  2. Fish (wild, salmon)
  3. Turkey breast
  4. Seafood (shrimps, Lobster, squid, shells)
  5. Ezekiel bread
  6. Brown pasta
  7. Rice cake
  8. Grits
  9. Lentil
  10. Canola oil
  11. Almond butter
  12. Tofu
  13. Mushroom
  14. Fruits (Kiwi, avocados)
  15. Coconut water
  16. Sugar free sodas (Pepsi, 7-up, Monster, Redbill)

Hilarious Photos Captured At The SupermarketLuxury Items list:

  1. Flavored rice cake
  2. RTD (ready to drink) Protein
  3. RTD (read to drink) coffee
  4. Extra Virgin Olive oil
  5. 100% sesame tahini
  6. Sauces (Ketchup, mustard, South Island, Texas burger sauce) – SUGARFREE
  7. Caviar
  8. Almond milk
  9. Fat-free Mozzarella and cheddar cheese
  10. Heart of palm
  11. Anti-oxidant water
  12. Flavored water


Easy dinner recipes

Remember the key of keeping your diet and getting in shape is to have a delicious recipe, the more your meal is boring the less likely you will be able to continue your healthy eating habits,

So, in order to make your meal mouth watering is to prepare your entire week for a different recipe that will make you looking forward to each meal how can you do that:

  1. Download few recipes online
  2. Prepare the list from the ingredients
  3. Open YouTube and follow the meal preparation

4.1 Cook your food in bulk
4.2 But lots of food freezer bags / disposable containers or Lock n Lock
4.3 Prepare for every week at least 6 to 10 recipes in bulk
4.4 Measure your macros / food scale and prepare each bag to include all the nutrients for each pack
4.5 Now you have to prepare around 20 to 25 meals in the freezer and you are now secured for the whole week, all you need to do is just to warm up every meal


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The most important meal of the day, normally people will prepare it fresh daily so let us see what is the power breakfast that will recover all your muscles and replenish your glycogen so there are so certain ingredients has to be presented in that meal

  1. Protein (eggs, chicken or steak)
  2. Carbs (oats, rice, brown bread)

Other secondary ingredients will do wonders for your morning meal

  1. Coffee
  2. Milk (skimmed)
  3. Banana
  4. Apple

If you happen to have all those in your morning meal then you will feel it immediately in your muscles


Kai Greene - 7 Meals in a day - YouTube

So, as we do not have the regular meal timing as regular people having breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper

We have meal number or you can call them as we did here (breakfast, Mid-day meals, Supper)

Mid-day meals are not or two it can go to 5 or 6 meals ????

So, what we should eat:

If you do remember what we have prepared in our freezer that is exactly what you need to feed your muscles with so:

  1. Protein
  2. Carbs
  3. Veggies
  4. Salad

So as those are plenty of meals you will need to keep adding varieties and different ingredients and flavors so you never get bored

That is the last meal of the day before going to be, and there is a huge misconception among the public on weather some day you should not eat at all or you should have just a fruit or yogurt so let us find out;

First of all, there is nothing logic about not to eat unless you are sleeping or fasting otherwise your body needs fuel in order to grow

So, with that said what should you eat and what not?

Before you are going to be normally there is no any calorie burning and your body is in a state of rest so most of the bodybuilders now a days follow the rule of high protein low calorie meal

So you don’t have to eat a crazy amount of carbs you try to keep your calorie minimum and your have to up your protein intake so let us see some examples:

Example Meal 1:

6 to 10 eggs + one slice of brown bread + salad

Example Meal 2:

200 grams of cottage cheese + 3 pieces of rice cake

Example Meal 3:

Tuna salad

Example Meal 4:

Chicken Caesar salad (low fat)


If you start your meal plan you will find that you are saving much more time than before because pre-planning is everything, so how many benefits you get from the meal planning:

  1. Never run out of food
  2. Stay focused on training not on cooking
  3. Saving time by preparing bulk food
  4. Always having varieties which eliminate food craving
  5. Saving cost by cutting deliveries by always having food in fridge
  6. Saving time going to or from work by carrying your meals with you

I hope you enjoyed the article please put down you comments below:


How should a beginner start a meal plan?

To start a meal plan as a beginner, focus first on balancing your meals with a variety of nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables. Then, plan your meals around your daily calorie needs and personal dietary preferences.

What is the 2 1 2 1 meal plan?

The 2-1-2-1 meal plan involves eating two healthy meals, followed by one cheat meal, then two more healthy meals, and finally one cheat meal again. This pattern is repeated throughout the week.

What are the 5 rules in planning meals?

The five rules in meal planning are: 1) Balance your meals with a mix of proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables, 2) Control portion sizes, 3) Include a variety of foods to ensure nutritional completeness, 4) Plan meals according to your dietary needs and goals, and 5) Prepare meals in advance to save time and maintain consistency.

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