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If you are a beginner and already decided to do bodybuilding and looking for workout articles, congratulation you have taken the first step to build your dream physique no matter how much you eat, taken supplements or even used drug enhancements if you don’t train like a pro you will never achieve the physique you need so here we will teach you step by step what you need to do

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  1. Warm up before working out
  2. No cardio over 5 min before workout
  3. Cardio only post workout
  4. Stretching only post workout
  5. Always start with minimum weight and slowly increase
  6. Always do full range of motion
  7. Try to make most of your reps 10-15 rep
  8. Have a protein shake /meal post workout maximum 10 minutes

P.S. in case you took a protein shake immediately post workout then 45 minutes you should have a meal

9. Massage will help your muscles heal if done weekly

10. resting between sets from 1 to 3 minutes maximum


Sunday: upper body

Monday: legs and calves

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: abs and cardio

Thursday: upper body

Friday: Stretches + Cardio


Sunday: upper body (Back + chest + shoulder + Arms)

BACK: Total 2 different workout choose from below

CHEST: Total 3 different workout choose from below

SHOULDERS: Total 3 different workout choose from below

Pin on exercise - shoulders

ARMS: Total 3 different workout choose from each below

Rock arms | Arm workout routine, Bicep and tricep workout, Pop workouts


The Rock Legs Workout: Get A Huge Lower Body | Pop Workouts | The rock  workout, Leg workout routine, Pop workouts

Tuesday: Resting Day

Normally resting day that you should not perform any other kind of sport so you need to really rest yourself as you have already done two hard days and you will feel your muscles is very sore, any many of you would need two day rest not one and sometimes the second and third day will feel more sore so what you need to do to reduce that muscle soreness:

  1. Eat a lot of food protein and carb no fat
  2. Try to rest your body have a nap and do-little effort
  3. Drink lots of water
  4. Do some stretching
  5. Sleep early
  6. Take Vitamin-C before sleep

Remember that is the day you are building muscles

Wednesday: ABS + Cardio

The reason we write Abs then cardio because that is the sequence, we need you to do, remember cardio should always be post workout not pre,

So, as you are new to Abs you need to choose 3 to 4 workouts from below:

No-equipment Ab Exercises Workout Chart 24"x35" (60cm/90cm) Canvas Print in  2020 | Abs workout, Ab workout at home, Workout chart


Remember no matter how much weight lifting you are doing or diet you are following if you don’t do cardio you are missing out a lot, this is the fastest way to burn fat and also increase your metabolism and also it will make you hungry all the time which what we need to transform you

Let’s see the cardio exercise I need you to do at least 15-20 minutes first week

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LEGS Stretching

Jun 27 2019 Stretching Exercises Chart by DAREBEE darebee fitness workout  stretching fitnesschart in 2020 | Darebee, Workout chart, Stretching  exercises

UPPER body stretching:

Upper Body Stretches


How a beginner should start workout?

A beginner should start working out by setting realistic goals, beginning with basic exercises focusing on major muscle groups, and gradually increasing intensity and complexity. It’s important to prioritize proper form, start with lighter weights, and ensure adequate rest and recovery.

Which workout type is best for beginners?

For beginners, full-body workouts using compound movements (like squats, push-ups, and lunges) are best, as they target multiple muscle groups and improve overall strength and fitness. Starting with bodyweight exercises or light weights helps build a foundation safely.

Mohammed Riad
Mohammed Riad
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