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Blessing Awodibu Transformation 2022

Blessing Awodibu has been on social media for a while with all kinds of viral video jokes about whey protein and other funny stories which we used to see

Maybe some do not think it is not funny but the fact is Blessing has done an enormous job transforming his physique since he has been with the Guru George Farah

When he started his pro competitions he lacked size, conditioning, and also proportions which made it challenging to place top 10, but soon enough he was able to change that, and Finally, He did win two consecutive pro competitions

In our Instagram post below he was a spot on, In NY PRO 2022

Awodibu used to make particular hype before competitions, he also used to trash talk other competitors before they go on stage

if we go back in time to 2021 before the NY Pro Blessing and nick “The Mutant” walker has a huge social media trash talk and since blessing started it, Nick decided to stop the talk and do the work

Nick at the time proved to everyone that he deserve it and did become the winner while Blessing did not place top 5 and then Blessing had talked with Nick and they were cool and even trained together post-competition.

although Blessing had a lot of flaws last year NY PRO, this year was a complete physique transformation

A very wise move that blessing has reached George because George Farah is the pro maker
He was able to utilize blessing size and add more depth to his muscles while getting his waist even smaller which gave him a huge v-taper

If you notice also Blessing has made a huge change in his quads and hamstring which was his weak points last year

As usual, Blessing continues raising the hype and now he mention that he will change the bodybuilding face and he will b the future Mr.Olympia

what do you guys think? Let us know in your comments below


Where is blessing awodibu from?

Blessing Awodibu is originally from Nigeria. He moved to Ireland at a young age and is indeed known as an Irish bodybuilder.

Mohammed Riad
Mohammed Riad
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