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Today’s diet is getting easier and easier, Thanks to the smart kitchenware and new appliances that can make you have all the food you love without sacrificing any of the flavors ..let us have a look below

6 Must-Have KitchenWare


You will be surprised at how many recipes and food you can make through the air fryer, you can literally fry whatever you want with one spoon of oil or even with no oil see below…

Air fryer

Food to be cooked

  1. french fries
  2. Falafel
  3. onion rings
  4. chicken wings
  5. Cauliflower
  6. Chicken Tenders
  7. Mozzarella sticks
  8. Jalapino
  9. Potato Chips
  10. Sweet Potato Chips
  11. Broasted Chicken
  12. Fish Fillet
  13. Shrimps
  14. Squids
  15. Tortilla Chips
  16. Burgers

are you surprised well, if you check on youtube what you can do you will be surprised you can even toast bread and the good thing is no more guilt and no more sacrifices


If you are an athlete or enjoying a healthy lifestyle, Then a microwave is a must-have kitchenware from warming up food to cooking will make everything easier, make sure to buy a high-quality one especially for daily and long use, you can do the following

Kitchenware: Microwave Oven Market Worth $12.70 Billion By 2022 – Market Research News

Food to be cooked

  1. Cook Rice
  2. Make Coffee
  3. Make Pop corn
  4. Cook Potato or sweet potato
  5. Warm up all your meals

There are nowadays so many kitchenware options available you can choose from for example :(Convection, Broil, Airfry) combos are available


There are two options for rice cookers:

1. the regular rice cooker
it is very popular where you add the rice, spices, and water and leave it and will just cook by itself and will shut down automatically and keep the rice warm

Kitchenware: 10 Best Rice Cooker 2022 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide
Rice Coker

2. The microwave rice cooker

That one is much easier to use because it is just a pot where you place your rice and water and you leave it in the microwave for 20 minutes and that’s it, The most popular pot is TUPPERWARE

Microwave rice cooker

4. Granite Pan

Do you want to fry scrambled eggs in the morning without oil, do you want to cook your steak with no oil, do you want to make fried chicken rice here you go

Kitchenware: SAFLON GRANITE PAN 18 CM: Buy Online at Best Price in Egypt - Souq is now
Granite Pan

Granite pan can literally fry with no oil, it is just the best nonstick pan you can use

5. Pressure cooker

The pressure cooker is not just the best way to cook chicken and roast beef, But also it is a time-saver, it can just shortcut your cooking time to 1/3 or less You can cook the following

Pressure Cooker

Food to be cooked

  1. Roast beef
  2. Whole Chicken
  3. Whole Duck
  4. Roast Turkey Breast
  5. Brisket
  6. Full Shank

Cooking is super easy all you need to do is to put the meat or chicken with all the spices and veggies, Then just leave it for the duration in the booklet, That’s all

I hope you guys enjoyed the Blog, let us know your opinion in the comment section below

6. Personal Blender

Part of the healthy lifestyle that we do is having protein shakes, a healthy fruit juice smoothie and that will be much easier with a personal blender

Kitchenware: Moulinex Personal Blender, 300 Watt, Stainless Steel - LM1A0D10 | Best  price in Egypt | B.TECH
Personal Blender
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