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Depression, Causes and how to combat

Depression is a very common illness around the world, and there are many types of it however there are two main types of depression

Major depression is a stat where you are constantly feeling down most of the time if it stays over 2 years it is major depression, statistics, by WHO shows 5% of the world population suffers from major depression,

the strange part is some countries with the highest welfare and happiest populations have the height depression rate like Finland and Australia

Major Depression

it’s a state of mind most of us get micro depression which is feeling low due to some situation or outcome and it is completely normal so let us put down the reason for Micro, it can only be a few hours per week or months


1. Insomnia
2. Sadness most of the time
3. Feeling hoopless
4. Regular crying
5. Stressed out or anxious
6. Not interested in food
7. Lack of focus
8. Not enjoying normal activities
9. Avoiding social interactions
10. Suicidal thoughts
11. Lack of motivation


1. Stressful job, boss or colleague
2. partner, son or daughter, parents
3. Divorce
4. Unemployment
5. Bankruptcy or money loss
6. Diseases
7. War
8. Death of a close person
9. Moving to a new country
10. relationship problems
11. Car accident
12. Retirement
13. Experience a crime
14. Pandemics
15. Poverty
16. Starting a new job
17. Moving to a new house
18. Suffering from daily traffic
19. too much screen time
20. too many video games
21. Period time (Women)
22. Post steroid cycle (Bodybuilders)
23. Post sexual intercourse (Postcoital dysphoria)
24. supportnig a losing political party
25. Druge Addiction
26. Dealing with toxic people
27. Business related
28. Low testosterone (men)

All these circumstances happen to all of us, it is a normal situation that faces everyone on this planet and can mostly cause a micro depression which may even last for a few months or one year but some individuals will turn to Major Depression why?

Every person is different in their reaction, some of us are strong and some fragile, it depends on our genetics, how they have been raised so the same situation will happen to 10 people they will all react differently

Depression treatment

When you should seek mental health?

If you feel there is no change in your depression for a few months, then you must seek a doctor

your therapist can decide whether you are having a normal feeling that can go away or it needs a treatment plan which may need psychotherapy or medication


As you can see in the above stressors, some people will say some of these stressors, we are dealing with it daily for years like traffic, stressful boss or lack of money,
and luckily many of us are not stressed about it but even though let us learn how to make the situation better for our mental health

1. Adjusting healthy eating habits
2. Exposing to sunlight regularly
3. Exercising regularly
4. Sleeping early
5. Engaging with a new hobby
6. socializing
7. putting targets in life and try to achieve them
8. Reduce screen time
9. Watching a new series
10. spending more time with family
11. stay away from negative people
12. stay away from negative news
13. reward yourself with a treat, clothing, or an outing

If those don’t work try below..

1. Anti-depressant medications
2. Relaxation remedies like massage, Yoga, or meditation

If those don’t help then seek immediate help from a phsychologist…

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What Causes Depression?

It can be caused by a combination of genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors.

What are Common Symptoms of Depression?

Symptoms include persistent sadness, loss of interest in activities, changes in appetite or weight, sleep disturbances, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, difficulty concentrating, and thoughts of death or suicide.

How Do I Know if I Have Depression?

A healthcare provider can diagnose depression through a medical history and psychiatric evaluation.

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