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  1. Introduction
  2. Reasons of stress
  3. Work stress types
  4. Identifying your stressors
  5. Getting rid of work stress

1. Introduction:

Definitely work stress is one of the leading issues in the societies nowadays, believe it or not, it has been reported that 40% of workers have reported that their job is extremely stressful and 94% of Americans suffers from stress at workplace and 74% British workers felt stress at the workplace as well, especially if you live in one of the busy cities like LA, NY, London, Cairo, Dubai or Singapore where life is overall stressful facing traffic jams, busy week and life is mostly about work that itself is fixed stress in your daily life

Imagine going to the gym after all that stress which is what all of us do,If you are a bodybuilder or any athlete you must know that stress will diffidently affect your sports performance unless you have found ways to combat it

Below we will discuss how to get rid of stress…

2. Reasons of work stress:

  1. Long hours.
  2. Heavy workload.
  3. Changes within the organization.
  4. Tight deadlines.
  5. Changes to duties.
  6. Job insecurity.
  7. Lack of autonomy.
  8. Boring work.

3. Workplace stress types:

3.1 physical stress

That will be due to certain work types, for example, have a look at heavy equipment engineers or technicians, doctors or military personals they are facing with daily physical stress due to their work type

3.2 psychological stress

that is caused psychologically by your ambient weather from a horrible boss, bad colleagues or crazy customers which you face regularly

office stress

4. Identifying your stressors

Your first step towards combating stress to identify your stressor which is easy, once you have put your hand on your stressor then you will be moving to the next step is how to combat and get rid of your work stress

5. Getting rid of work stress

Here is the most important part, here is your ultimate habits to get rid of work stress

5.1 Overthinking

Don’t think about work the moment you leave the office or finish a work call


5.2 Workout

it reduces stress big time, especially who do two sessions am and pm

5.3 Work Conflict

Don’t take conflicts personally or better to avoid, if you have a different religion. political or demographic views on any conflict, you would rather avoid going into conflicts or to have healthy discussions as those conflicts does put you on a stress modes

5.4 Organize

Stay organized, and always plan ahead for your morning time to reduce rush

5.5 workplace comfortability

Some people are very lucky in a very comfortable work environment and some aren’t, create a quiet comfortable workplace, it depends on every job to another but there is always a way to make your job more comfortable if putting a noise canceling headphones in a noisy environment is allowed and will help you do it

bodybuilder wearing classic

5.6 Screen time

Reduce screen time (phone or time waste on laptop), try to have landscape view every now and then it helps reducing stress levels especially before going to bed or immediately after waking up

5.7 Music

Music is one of the best things you can do to enjoy and reduce your stress, make sure you have your favorite music whether in the car or on your phone while being on the metro or the bus going or coming from work

5.8 Lunch break

Lunch break is a blessing, never waste your lunch break, whether you have your lunch on your desk or even eating outside, never give us some walk or going for a quick outing with your car or with a friend, it’s always a great way of changing mood

If you are in a heavy industrial zone like Dallas you can stop by any mall or café just to change your mood

5.9 Negative news

The negative news is everywhere and some channels just broadcast only negative news 24 hours so avoid that especially before sleep, as it affects your melatonin release which will alter your sleep schedule.

negative news

I hope you enjoyed blog and let me know in the comments below what do you think???? have a wonderful day.


How can I overcome stress at work?

To overcome stress at work, prioritize tasks to manage workload effectively, take regular short breaks to clear your mind, practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing or meditation, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and communicate openly with colleagues and supervisors about your stressors.

What to do if work is stressing you out?

If work is stressing you out, take short breaks throughout the day to relax, prioritize and organize your tasks, communicate your concerns with your supervisor or HR, practice stress-reduction techniques like deep breathing or meditation, and ensure you have enough downtime outside work.

Mohammed Riad
Mohammed Riad
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