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10 Mistakes are keeping you from losing fat

If you have been trying a few diets and still not losing fat and already got fed up that article is just for you

Whether you are obese or a bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast preparing for a competition your goal is similar to losing fat, you need to be shredded and you don’t want to lose muscle either so Let us go straight to Why you are not losing fat?

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MISTAKE 1: you got fed up on the edge of your body transformation

if you already read our past blogs regarding the best way to lose fat or you have been following a specific diet you should know each one is different and unique and no one responds the same, some people start to see the change in two weeks some after two months so stay consistent for a period of time and keep monitoring your bf* %

Feeling bored

MISTAKE 2: Taking too many calories

If you are following a proper strict diet that means cutting down fat to a minimum cutting sugar, fried food, and limiting your carb intake with doing exercise you should be already losing fat, If not you are maybe taking more carbs than you should be or even fat, some people have the idea of taking essential fats as you want because it is healthy, well guess what it ain’t healthy if you are not losing fat, so watch your calories otherwise you won’t lose fat

MISTAKE 3: Taking high-calorie snacks between meals

Taking a snack between meals we always hear people adding a snack between meals because they get hungry, well let me tell you that you need to watch your snack

so adding peanuts, popcorns between meals is just going to screw your diet because it feels good to feel full yes but is not okay that you keep adding extra unnecessary calories, let me give you an example of healthy snacks

High calori food

Lowest Calories Snacks

1. Sugar-free protein bar
2. Green apple (only one)
3. Chicken salad with no calorie dressing
4. Greek yogurt
6. Green Salad with Guacamole

Highest Calories Snacks

1. Popcorn
2. Nuts (in large quantities)
3. High calories fruits (Mangoes, Watermelon, Grapes, Pineapple)
4. Chips
6. All kinds of desserts
7. All kinds of cheese except (Cottage, Feta, fat-free, and low-fat cheese like mozzarella, Labnah )
8. Full fat milk
9. Fruit juices especially mango, grapes, watermelon, and mixed fruit juices

MISTAKE 4: Adding High calories toppings and sauces to food

Again we are having a perfect diet but unfortunately, we ruin it with little things such as high calories toppings because if we feel it is a neglected part of the diet

you have to read each sauce bottle and dips before you jump on it to make your diet taste delicious as there is a huge difference between low calories on with a dip that is loaded with fat and sugar so if it is not homemade look for those:

Waffles with high claorie toppings

Lowest Calories Sauces and Dips

1. Unsweetened Ketchup
2. Mustard
3. Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce (sugar-free)
4. spicy brown mustard
5. Low sodium soy sauce
6. Hot sauce
7. Natural tomato sauce
8. Labnah (Low-Fat)

Moderate Calories Sauces and Dips

1. Hummos (middle eastern)
2. Tahini (middle eastern)
3. Dry fruits
4. Fruits and Fruit Juices especially (Mangos, Grapes, Watermelon, Pineapple)
5. Nuts
6. Peanut butter
7. Low sugar dips (do not go for low sugar because low sugar means less sugar than the original sauce only)
8. Whole grain bread, crackers, and cereals
9. Seeds
10. sugar-free jams (still got sugar from fruit cooking)
11. Low-fat mayonnaise
12. thousand island sauce


Highest Calories Sauces and Dips

1. Ketchup
2. Cheddar cheese dips
3. Mayonaise
4. French onion dip
5. Avocado dip
6. Olive oil
7. Sweet Chilli
8. Ranch dressing
9. Nacho cheese dip
10. Milk Cream


We have used the term High calories rather than non-healthy because it can be High calorie and healthy like olive oil, so people usually miss understanding the difference, for example, a low-calorie sauce which is full of artifical additives is not considered healthy but maybe good in your diet so that concept has to be understood

for example, I always see people use honey and say it is natural it is healthy I can use it instead of sugar, God created honey and it is very healthy and it is not good for your diet or if you are a diabetic if you use it a lot especially because it is full of sugar

MISTAKE 5: Skipping meals or fast

if you are not doing an intermittent fasting diet or on your religious fasting then staying many hours without food to lose weight is not healthy at all, whenever you are skipping meals yes you are losing fast but in the long term you will not because the brain signals to the body a mode which it is called (Fat Storage Mode) in which the body will slow metabolism to keep you from feeling tired, the body is very smart and the diet is how we trick the body by losing fat and still giving it the nutrition it needs so if you need to lose fat quickly do not stay over 4 hours without a meal under any condition

skipping meals

MISTAKE 6: Skipping Breakfast

Again that is something similar to Skipping meals, may people use to have a coffee and go to work, you must know that you are starving your body from the nutrition it needs, how can you expect a body starving nutrition and feeling exhausted to respond on your diet

skipping breakfast

MISTAKE 7: Sleeping Without Dinner

that is madness, we hear all the time people say we don’t lose fat because we ate before we sleep, well guess what you are supposed to eat before you sleep but again low calorie or no-calorie meal, how about caesar salad, tuna, turkey breast mortadella and there are 100s of options which will give you nutrition to your body so you can keep your metabolism going on

Remember your metabolism will be the highest with many meals per day

Sleeping without dinner

MISTAKE 8: Burning fewer calories

So we have spoken about eating many meals to keep your metabolism high, so if you are not burning enough calories per day then again you will still add fat instead of losing them, make sure you do some calorie-burning from as high as lift some weight in the gym , walking or even reading a book, but any form of activity to help you burn more calories

MISTAKE 9: Hidden Calories

there are a few things which got hidden calories that is difficult to believe that can ruin the diet for example chewing gum, sips of soda or juice, having any form of high calorie during the day differently change your body metabolism

MISTAKE 10: Sleeping Disorder

sleeping at the end of the day is what make a full-body recovery and hormonal balance which burn fat, build muscle recover you from the whole day so if you are not doing the proper sleep you will be missing out on most of the body metabolism whatever you will be doing if you want to read a full article about it click HERE

I hope you enjoyed the article, feel free to put any questions in the comment section below and I will make sure to answer them

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